Alphabet Soup

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Alphabet Soup
Photo by Tasya Menaker

Do you ever lie awake in bed at night and wish you could turn your brain off? Chores, bills, family issues running through your mind, one after the other. Things to do, business to handle, problems to solve and beside all of that, the world is going to hell in a hand-basket.

It’s really not, it just serves a handful of folks to make you think it is.

Not to worry, I can help.

Being human we all have this busy monkey mind problem. From where you may be right now, your thoughts can jump around from who’s done wrong, to what you’ve done wrong.

Focusing on what is bad, wrong, terrible, unjust, wrong, wrong, wrong(did I say wrong?) is the natural order of the day for most folks. If you think that’s just the way you are and it can’t change, you’re wrong.

It’s easy to refocus our minds with a bit of information and a couple of simple, easy tools in our belt to use when we need them.

Tip 1 – Get into your “Right Brain.”

As you know, our brain is divided into a right and left hemisphere. The left side of your brain is the analytical, critical thinking side(notice the word CRITICAL?), while the right hemisphere of your brain is where your creativity comes from. When your brain is running a mile a minute, say aloud or to yourself, “let’s get into our right brain.” It will help slow down the computer(your brain) and allow you to focus on something more pleasurable and relaxing.

Tip 2 – Give your brain a job.

Once you’ve gotten yourself into your “right mind,” consciously begin to think of other things. As I was lying in bed the other night trying to turn my brain off so I could get to sleep and rest easily, I started this little game in my head.

Using the alphabet, I started saying words that soothed me and focused me easily in a different direction(I was asleep by K). Coming up with the next word took all of my attention as I was searching for words that felt good so my busy mind was busy supporting me. You can’t keep thinking of what you don’t like if you are actively thinking about something else.

Below is the list of words I started compiling.

  • Amazing Appreciation Abundance Adventure Allow Afloat
  • Bold Believe Boundless Beauty Breakthrough BE Breathtaking
  • Caring Capable Compassion Confidence Creativity Colorful
  • Delicious Desire Dreams Daring Divine Dazzle
  • Exciting Effortless Ecstasy Empower Enjoy Ease Epic Exhilarating Expansive
  • Friendly Flowing Fun Faith Free Fabulous Fantastic Flowery
  • Gracious Grandeur Grateful Giggling Gentle Groovy Graceful
  • Happy Hilarious Hopeful Heart Hugs Honor Healthy
  • Inspired Imagination Independence Innovation Intention
  • Joyous Jokes Juicy Jolly Jocularity Jazz
  • Kindness Kiss Kinky
  • Love Laugh Luminous Life Lounging Lively Luscious Liberty Lavish Lucrative
  • Miracle Moments Memories Magic Mysterious
  • Natural Nature Nice Neat Nurtured Nourished
  • Original Optimist Orgasmic Outstanding
  • Purposeful Positivity Potential Possibility Peace Passionate Prosperity Power Playful Psychedelic
  • Quirky Quality Quilt Quiver Queendom Quaint
  • Romantic Relationship Romance Respect Robust Replenished Recharged Rested Renewed Relief
  • Strong Sweet Smart Solutions Shine Soothing Shift Sensual Serene Spectacular Success
  • Tantalizing Truth Triumph Transformation Thankful Terrific Trust
  • Unfolding Universe Uplifting Utopia Uninhibited Understood United Unequaled Unity
  • Vision Visualize Vibrations Vivacious Vibrant Virile Voluptuous Variety
  • Wonderful Worthiness Wonder Whole Wise Wellness Wealth Whimsical
  • Xylophone (haha, you let me know what X letters you come up with!)
  • Yes Yummy Yielding Yay Youthful Yachting
  • Zealous Zest Zone Zing Zippy

You can do it spontaneously or plan for it. Sometimes it helps to have a plan in place for moments when you know you could have a hard time focusing on the positive. Write them down on a piece of paper and just read them aloud or to yourself. Post your list in your car, on your bathroom mirror, the refrigerator or in your office.

Don’t let yourself spend too much time fretting, worrying or focusing on things that upset you. We, as human beings, are vibrational boomerangs. What you put out there you absolutely do get back.

So when you find yourself raging against the machine(any of them or their drivers) take a couple steps back and a big deep breath.

Allowing yourself to move the energy physically in the moment and placing your conscious focus on better feeling things move you away from what you don’t want and draw you closer to that thing or situation that you would prefer, that feels good.

Simply reading a list of positive, good feeling words is much more helpful and effective than complaining about what happened and repeating that story to as many people will listen. You may think sharing your woes feels good, but it actually only creates more of what you don’t want.

Give it a shot. Make your own list or use words from mine. When you find yourself focusing in a way that doesn’t feel good do yourself a favor and consciously turn it around.

Let me know how this list works for you. Please share any other good feeling words I have undoubtedly left out.

Seeing your absolute freedom, happiness, wellness and abundance!

Much Love to you,

Much appreciation to Tasya Menaker for the alphabet soup pic!
Check her out here –

11 responses

  1. Nina Rao

    I love this Crystal, just what I needed this morning. I love the idea of just telling yourself to switch to right brain. That really helps in going in the direction you want to. Just reading your list of words had me feeling better. I’m gonna copy your list and use them when I need them.
    Thanks so much!
    Love, Nina


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you Nina! Switching to your right brain makes such a difference. I can immediately feel my body relax. It’s the fastest way to get out of “problem solving” mode. Let me know any other fabulous words you come up with!
      Much Love,


  2. Beverly J. Harvey

    What a great post, Crystal. I love this idea and will try it soon.


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Beverly! Let me know how it goes and what other great words you come up with.
      Have a great day!
      Much Love,


  3. Cathy Ulrich

    Wonderful, Crystal! I love your list of words! Great Alphabet Soup!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Cathy! Hope your week-end is fantastic!
      Much Love,


      1. Cathy Ulrich

        Thanks, Crystal. We’re having a great time! Hope your weekend is wonderful, as well.


  4. dmdobbins98

    I love this idea of way to still the mind and give your brain a job.I love your alphabet list. I don’t usually have problems sleeping, but it sound like a fun game to play with my kids in the car and for those rare nights. 🙂


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Awesome! I love it, Michelle. Excellent game for the car to keep the kidlets occupied. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Anonymous

    Hi Crystal!
    Inspired by your alphabet soup, I started to look for good-feeling adjectives from A to Z.
    Here is my list 😉
    I AM…

    Awesome – Adorable – Amazing – Astounding – Aligned – Alive – Adventurous – Awake – Aware – Appreciative – Ambitious – Authentic – Abundant – Attractive – Alert…

    Brilliant – Bright – Beautiful – Bold – Brave – Boundless – Balanced – Broad – Bountiful – Blooming – Blessed…

    Creative – Cool – Colorful – Charming – Charismatic – Cute – Curious – Conscious – Comfortable – Calm – Centered – Connected – Courageous – Caring – Compassionate – Compelling – Chic – Captivating – Confident – Cherished – Complete…

    Delightful – Dazzling – Dynamic – Deliberate – Delicious – Daring – Deep…

    Enthusiast – Eager – Energized – Empowered – Enlightened – Extraordinary – Extatic – Exhilarated – Expanded – Excited – Endless – Eternal – Entertaining – Elegant – Enchanting – Erotic – Efficient…

    Fabulous – Fantastic – Frisky – Fearless – Free – Fulfilled – Fun – Funny – Free-flowing – Fit – Focused – Funky – Fascinating – Fresh – Flashy – Full – Flamboyant…

    Great – Gorgeous – Glad – Graceful – Grateful – Glorious – Glamorous – Gifted – Gentle – Groovy – Grand – Grandiose – Glowing…

    High – High-flying – Holy – Harmonious – Happy – Hopeful – Hot – Humorous…

    Intelligent – Intuitive – Insightful – Intense – Infinite – Immense – Inspired – Inspiring – Impressive – Interesting – Intimate – Intentional – Irresistible – Incredible…

    Joyful – Jolly – Jazzy – Juicy…

    Kind – Kinky…

    Lovely – Lovable – Light – Lively – Luminous – Liberated – Liberating – Luscious – Lucky…

    Marvelous – Melodious – Magic – Magical – Mysterious – Moving – Magnificent – Majestic – Mind-blowing – Mesmerizing…

    Natural – Neat – New – Nurturing – Nice – Naughty…

    Open – Open-minded – Optimistic – Original – Outrageous – Organized…

    Playful – Potent – Powerful – Pure – Prosperous – Passionate – Poetic – Patient – Peaceful – Productive – Purposeful – Pleasant – Pleasurable…

    Quiet – Qualified…

    Relaxed – Reassured – Respected – Refreshing – Rich – Relieved – Receptive – Ready – Remarkable – Refined – Reliable…

    Successful – Sweet – Soft – Sacred – Supple – Stable – Strong – Stupendous – Smart – Spicy – Soothed – Shiny – Sunny – Stimulated – Simple – Sexy – Subtle – Soulful – Seducing – Savory – Sensational – Sparkling – Safe – Secure – Solid – Splendid – Spacious – Silent – Still – Sensitive – Sensual – Sensuous – Shining…

    Talented – Tapped in – Tuned in – Turned on – Tender – Tasty – Tempting – Thrilling – Touching – Tolerant – Tasteful – Trustful…

    Uplifted – Unfathomable – Understanding – Unexpected – Unlimited – Unique – Unstoppable – Useful – Unpredictable – Unusual…

    Valiant – Valuable – Visionary – Vigorous – Vibrant – Voluptuous…

    Whole – Wise – Warm – Wonderful – Witty – Wild – Wondrous…

    XOXO ^^

    Young – Yummy…

    Zealous – Zest-full…

    And so much more!!!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      I love it so much! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your list with us.

      Happy New Year!!
      Love and Blessings to you!


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