Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

A steady and uplifting hand
allowing you to relax into the flow of life. 

Your physical body is your divine instrument panel.

It’s constantly telling you whether what you’re doing
is right or wrong for you.


It’s telling you what you think about what you’re doing
is right or wrong for you.

And there’s an easy way to figure it out.

Crystal Nuding

I help you understand emotions and pinpoint the actual physical sensations in your body that cause you to hold onto old stories or ideas that no longer serve and uplift you.  By gently soothing your mind and guiding you through moving old energy, your life shifts and possibilities you never imagined begin to open up for you.

This is a gentle, easy and uplifting process you will begin to understand and implement yourself whenever necessary.

My goal is to help you lighten up, relax and find your own power and strength. I hold the space for your healthy, happy life while teaching you to do the same.  I offer you support while you learn to help yourself.

What happens during a coaching session?

  1. We talk on the phone for 45min-1hr.
  2. We first talk about what you want and where you’re experiencing frustration.
  3. I teach you techniques to relax and release stress physically in your body (holding onto this energy is what makes you ill)
  4. I give you insights into why your negative thoughts aren’t true and how they don’t serve you. (consistent negative focus is what creates the things you don’t want)
  5. I give you much better perspectives and teach you to soothe your busy mind when it gets going.
  6. My high vibration calls and trains your vibration upwards.

Booking/Scheduling a Session

All sessions are by phone unless other arrangements have been made.
Please email if you would like to discuss your specific needs or a customized package.

Once payment is made, email to schedule coaching session.

Appointment Instructions

You’ll receive my phone number through email prior to the appointment.

Please call me at that number at the appointed time.

Please Take Time Before Your Session to:

  • Center and ground yourself before the call
  • Minimize distractions so you can make full use of your time.
  • You may appreciate having a journal handy

Get Started!

Initial Coaching Session – $160

Learn to relax into moving energy physically in your body. You’ll gain clarity about what areas of life to focus on to bring about the greatest change, with relative ease.

Set of 3 Coaching Sessions – $450

Laser focused support to help you alchemize your energy around stress and struggle… relationship, health challenge, finding meaningful life work, flowing abundance.

Get on your way to an easier and happier life.
Schedule one per week or when you need the support. Learn more.

This includes the Online Course – The Energy Element an added value of $199

Set of 3 Coaching Sessions


Get Started!

Single Coaching Session


Get Started!

A Note from Crystal

This does not have to be therapy or counseling, though we can talk through anything you wish. I help you move through the energy of the past, to start loving your life, rather than just living it.

Everything you want or need is available to you.

All you have to do is focus on what you want while you find the feeling place in your body that tells you it’s not possible, breathe and be with it until it moves. It seems like a very simple solution to all of life’s problems and it is.  No amount of physical activity can do more for you than allowing old stagnant energy to move and learning to focus on what you truly want. It is simplicity at its finest, the two most important things we can to do to be happy, healthy and free.

I’m here to help!

Much Love,
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