Weeky Photo Challenge – Curves

Oh, how I love where I live.

These shots were from Dionne’s birthday picnic (last January) at McKinney Falls State Park Southeast of Austin, Texas.

These beautiful limestone falls have been carved by water over thousands of years. Another example of the peaceful power of water. It doesn’t fight, it just keeps on rolling, constantly, gently making its way.

Here’s to us all being more like water… less fight, more flow.

McKinney Falls McKinney Falls 5 McKinney Falls 4 McKinney Falls 3

The water was low at this time but what a beautiful site we would have missed if it had been full. The graceful curves in the limestone created by the water is a wonderful reminder to let it all flow.McKinney Falls 2 McKinney Falls 6

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9 thoughts on “Weeky Photo Challenge – Curves

  1. How beautiful Crystal! What a perfect analogy for going with the flow. Like water, we can be powerful- carving out our lives beautifully with peace and serenity.
    Great pics!
    Hugs, Nina


    • Thank you, Nina!
      My intent to become like water started when my son became a teenager. I recognized quickly the futility(not to mention.. pain/frustration/irritation/etc..)of resistance. 😉

      Don’t resist anything, let it flow and it passes so much more quickly.

      That is the blessing I receive daily by living this truth.
      (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! WhooHoo!)

      Thanks for stopping by Nina. It’s good to see your face. 🙂

      Much Love to you, Mohan and family,


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