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Move From Life By Default
to Life by Design

The Energy Element –
7 Week Guide to Conscious Creation

With live calls and support is coming soon!

Whether you are brand new to this Conscious Creation Game or all settled in and just need support, this program is for YOU!

Spots are limited so I can keep the support real!

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When you master your thinking, you master your life.

Everything in our lives is energy.

All of our stuff is energy… cars, computers, chairs, desks, cell phones, and dogs. Everything is energy. WE are energy.

There is nothing that isn’t energy.

So, no matter what you do, the energy you carry with you creates your experience and ultimately your physical surroundings. As within, so without.

This course will teach you how that works and give you the information you need to master your busy mind, live in the flow and let life be easy.

No matter what task you’re doing, be it for work or personal pleasure… lining up the energy makes everything run more smoothly.

We only struggle against what we don’t want because…  1.) we don’t truly understand how we created it and 2.) we don’t know we can change it.

That can all change today.

Find out how to effectively use your powerful energy to create the life you actually want.

Hello Crystal,
The best thing about your course is the simplicity!  I meditate and give the junky thoughts a number and go on with my day. The mean judgmental blather is easier to deal with when I just give it a number and don’t worry about it.
The biggest change has been with my eating habits, I have been able to let go of my evening snack-o-rama.
Finding you has helped me raise my vibration in a way that works for me and is simple.

Many Thanks,

The Energy Element Online Course

Click to purchase – $199

One phone/video session with Crystal included with your online course.

You’ll receive an email with Log-in instructions to the email address you specify in your order.

Click to purchase a Set of 3 Sessions with the Online Course Included – $450


  • Release negative thinking
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Hear and follow your own intuition
  • Gain self confidence
  • Enjoy personal life fulfillment
  • Develop healthy connections
  • Let life be easier
  • Surf stressful situations
  • Create more peace and ease in your life
  • Allow greater health and well-being
  • Make better decisions
  • Increase your JOY
  • Relieve stress
  • Live life in the flow
  • Be Happy

The Energy Element Online Course

This informative and uplifting course is a great way to begin delving into the new paradigm of energy, ease and flow at your convenience, at your own pace, in your own home.

Discover the biggest block to your happiness and how to release it. You’ll uncover what keeps you from starting that fun project, attracting a great relationship or achieving the new body you’ve been wanting and working so hard for.

Find out why you’re never satisfied, even when you get what you want and the trick to being happy, no matter what.

You’ll get all the information, resources and activities you need to get your life moving in a whole new direction. Find out what truly works for you and how to allow yourself to create the life of your dreams rather than re-creating the same limitations, frustrations and irritations that have plagued you for years.

Learn the real rules for living the life you want, right now. 

It’s much easier than what you’ve previously been trying to make big change in your life.

Once secret you’ll learn about the rules… you make them up. I’ll teach you how!

Take a deep breath and relax. Life is about to get a whole lot easier and way more fun.

I’m here to help.

Much Love and Many Blessings for a happy, healthy and prosperous life,

From The Energy Element Online Course

Intro & How To Get The Most From This Course

Breathing Exercise – Do this every day, multiple times if necessary

Tune in 0-10 – Why and How to rate the intensity of your feelings.

Module 1 – Vibrational Beings – Learn your true vibrational nature.

Module 2 – It’s Not About You – Recognize that people suffer.

Module 3 – It’s All For You – Find out how to relax around your struggles.

Module 4 – Revisit Your Beliefs – Realize how some beliefs keep you from succeeding in life.

Module 5 – Life Is An Experiment – Get tips on making your life more fun and easy.

Module 6 – Your Ability To Heal – Learn the key to allowing physical healing

Module 7 – Life In The Flow – Get comfortable doing things your way.

Resource Page – Books, Audios, Music and Videos to support you on your journey.

The Energy elment online course

The Energy Element Online Course

The Energy Element with Crystal Nuding

Click to purchase – $199

One phone/skype session with Crystal included with your online course.

You’ll receive an email with Log-in instructions to the email address you specify in your order.

Learn how to live in ease and excitement –
Click to purchase a Set of 3 Sessions with the Online Course Included – $450

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