Crystal Nuding Consciousness Coach

I am you.

Through my 25 year journey of consciously creating my reality, sometimes good, sometimes bad… I’ve learned a thing or two.

This blog is where I share my stories
and “innerstandings” of how the world works.
I hope they soothe you, uplift you and give you loving support on your journey
of conscious creation.

Turn It Around

No matter what direction you’re headed, you can always turn it around. Mentally, emotionally, physically… you can turn around your life, your health, your career, your relationships, even the soil and our environment… every single thing can be turned around. In any given moment, you have within your ability to turn anything around. What a … Continue reading

Let It Go

Let It GO

Holding onto that which no longer serves you is the only thing keeping you from having what you want.
So, let that shit go. Continue reading

Friendly Reminder

You are absolutely loved and supported in ways you can’t possibly comprehend. Remembering that, relax and let go of whatever is troubling you. It’s all energy and it’s all moving! XO CN Continue reading


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