Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

I am you.

Through my 25 year journey of consciously creating my reality, sometimes good, sometimes bad… I’ve learned a thing or two.

This blog is where I share my stories
and “innerstandings” of how the world works.
I hope they soothe you, uplift you and give you loving support on your journey of conscious creation.

Slow Down

New year, new ideas and lots of pressure to be productive. But, actually, January isn’t the best time to start new things. Here in Texas it’s been sunny and warm and is really feeling like Spring, but…

Holiday Hubub

The most valuable gifts can’t be bought, they can only be shared. Learn to cultivate those gifts consciously in your life so they may over flow to the ones you love most.

Secrets of Life

Psst! Come over here. I’m gonna tell you a secret. Only the humans… come closer. They really don’t want you to hear this… 🚨 All humans want the same things. 🚨 Love, connection, health, happiness, joy, peace,…

The Physical Sensations of Emotion

What if you had the tools you need right now to do whatever you want to do? What if you had the power to change the entire world? You do.


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