Coaching Sessions with Crystal

Crystal Nuding Consciousness Coach

Soothing, uplifting, and support.
Consciously create the life you want.

I love helping fellow conscious creators relax into the flow. Are you tired? Stressed? Stretched to the limit? Frustrated with life? Ready for what’s next? Wanting more authenticity? Ready to live your life your way? Let’s Go!

  • Mental and emotional detox
  • Own your own power.
  • Transcend your limiting beliefs and habits
  • Effectively navigate your thoughts to completely change your reality.
  • Find Peace easily and often.

Help me, help you!
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how I can focus more on what you need.

Detoxify Your Life

To support your health at the highest most effective level, your own personal mental assessment and detox of your thoughts are key.

If your habitual thoughts are good, positive and hopeful, you’re on the right track. If your daily habitual thoughts are negative, fearful or victim based, begin to notice how they’re affecting your life. Soothe yourself and move through the physical sensation of the upset and you’ll begin giving your mind the space to more easily move in the direction of the things you want.  Coaching with me can help you recognize where you’re holding old energy and how to shift it.

Crystal’s Coaching Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way for you to move forward confidently on your path of conscious creation. The repeated interactions allows for more consistency in your effort being easy, which will translate into your happy life. Learn more about Coaching Sessions with Crystal

Weekly Coaching Subscription with Crystal is a suggested 4 month commitment, billed weekly.

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Bi-Weekly Coaching Subscription is 1 coaching session every other week for a suggested 6 month commitment, billed bi-weekly.

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Monthly Coaching Subscription is 1 session per month for a suggested 12 month commitment, billed monthly.

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What I can say is that, for me, Crystal has helped provide relief, healing, and guidance in ways I both understand and in ways I don’t understand but have fully experienced and know to be true.

If you’re curious – there’s likely a reason. I was driven by a desperate desire to feel better, and addressing my brain and body separately in more standard therapies was failing to bring relief. I was tired of surviving. The work I’ve done with Crystal has been critical to thriving – and today I thrive. (As Crystal would say.. Yes and Thank YOU.)”

-Arianna, California
more testimonials here

Crystal’s Coaching Sessions

Emotional and Mental Detox

Experience Health, Wealth and Freedom

Set of 3 Coaching Sessions – $450

Coaching sessions done in a set of 3 is a great start, providing you support and continuity.  We are habitual creatures and tend to revert back to what we’ve done. 3 coaching sessions is great support to get you on your way to an easier and happier life. Schedule one coaching session per week or when you need the support. Learn more.

This includes the Online Course – The Energy Element an added value of $199

Set of 3 Coaching Sessions


Get Started!

Single Coaching Session


Get Started!

Being supported by Crystal is a great blessing. In a very loving and caring way she guided me through my struggles (monkey mind issues) and made me feel so much better every time. Through her soothing and guidance I do feel so much better about myself, my life and the world. The world needs her work now more than ever!

Deep gratitude and love! 
Stefanie, Germany

These are all great options for someone serious about being successful in their quest to positively thrive. The techniques and ideas presented are very simple but require consistency in practice. This gives you the opportunity to really experience and begin living confidently in the flow of life.

Please use this contact form to ask any questions or let me know what you’d like to hear from me. I’m here to help!

 Release Stress and Anxiety.

Allow yourself to be soothed and uplifted.
Experience the peace and joy of the life you were born to live.

Email or call 512.665.4414
 to schedule a free 15 min. phone initial consultation.
Coaching sessions recorded ONLY upon request.
Coaching sessions are approx 45 min to 1 hr. (via phone, Skype or Google Hangout)

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