Crystal Nuding

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Create your Business Consciously

Crystal can help you relax and enjoy the process of creating and running your business.

At times, the stress of pressure and responsibility can weigh on us and hinder our ability to think. Often leaving us wondering what we were thinking to have struck out on this journey.

In these moments of worry or frustration, the way you approach the situation will inform what happens next.

By learning some basic techniques to calm your body and relax your mind, you’ll find solutions show up more quickly and easily.

When we focus on problems, we get problems. When you relax into allowing things to be as they are, knowing it will work out, it always does. Working for the past 25+ years in businesses large and small, Crystal has experience in many different industries, but finds the most powerful tool for any of them is the ability to be calm and present no matter the situation.

Dreams of a Conscious Business

Imagine a business where everyone gets along. Everyone does their job with a joyful attitude. Work is completed with effective efficiency on time and under budget. Your upper management team is open and thoughtful, able to guide the team with seeming effortlessness.

Hiccups still happen, but they are handled quickly without drama or a ruckus. Your team of employees from the top down are solution oriented and free of anxiety or fear.

Everyone supports one another and nothing goes undone. New ideas are implemented easily and old cumbersome systems are traded in for new and better ways of doing things. Employees go home happy after work and arrive the next day feeling refreshed and ready to do their best work.

Give yourself a moment to take a deep breath and feel how nice that would be and then keep reading below to learn more about out how to make it happen.

Whether your business is large or small, Crystal can help. Regardless of the situation, the solution is within reach.

Coaching with Crystal will provide the following benefits for your company and employees:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase productivity & bottom line
  • Reach sales goals with greater ease
  • Happier, healthier, more effective and efficient employees
  • Boost team morale, loyalty and satisfaction
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Reduce healthcare costs

Discover how your business can be more joyful AND profitable!

Initial Consultation $100 – Click to Purchase

Crystal Nuding is the Universe’s answer to my prayers for a business coach. Throughout my life and in my work, I’m practicing to raise my consciousness as a way of being, and also growing my business. To this end, Crystal is a perfect match. Especially on days when I think I’m too busy to meet, I find our sessions actually increase the quality of my productivity. By shifting my perspective and developing my wholistic relationship with my mind, body, heart and soul, Crystal is coaching me to uncover my full potential that already exists within. And these practices importantly transcend all areas of my life, not just “the business”. I feel excited, energized and grateful to have Crystal’s insight, experience and motivation with me on the path to revealing my life’s success. 

With love & gratitude, 
— Fiona Dawson

What you’ll learn from Crystal helps businesses run more smoothly thereby increasing sales, productivity and efficiency. You can expect greater peace, harmony and joy in your work environment.

Crystal teaches people to manage stress, giving them clarity in their own lives promoting productive, comfortable and easy atmospheres.

This powerful information creates a culture of success in your business while cultivating positive expectations and the ability to have the prosperous business you deserve.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Individual sessions with top management.
  2. Presentation to the whole group.
  3. Individual meetings with each member of the team.
  4. Available monthly retainer for on-going needs such as new hires, interviews and major deals.

Learn how being in “command” rather than “control”
can rocket the success of your business.

You’ve hired the best people for the job, now let them do it. The guidance and overall intent will come from you and senior management but the team will use their own initiative, intuition and innovation to move the project forward. Utilizing the experience, good judgement and wisdom of the people you have is just good business.

Learn how to make this a reality for you in your business.

Crystal Nuding Consulting for
Freedom | Growth | Joy

Build Cohesive Teams | Increase Job Satisfaction | Experience Better Conversions and ROI | Improved Customer Engagement | Make Smarter Decisions | Positively Impact Community

Contact us to see how Crystal can help your business
be more joyful AND profitable!

Initial Consultation $100 – Click to Purchase

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Who would of known that God has just the person to help us connect closer to him. There is where healing and empowerment meets. Crystal helps you tap into the energies and power we all hold inside of ourselves. By acknowledging what might be holding us back, we can then move forward. We do not have to become “stuck” the past or future thinking.  After only a couple of sessions, I’ve put into practice things that Crystal has taught, and used it to guide my business strategies. Even being in the beginning phases I can tell that I will reach beyond my wildest dreams. I’m certain that connecting with her was no mistake. If you are wondering how to reach your full potential then I highly recommend you follow that small voice and give her a try.

Much love, 
Shaun, Texas
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