Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

Why get coaching from Crystal?

Here are some reasons you would want to have coaching sessions:

  • For help letting go of old habits of anxiety, fear, guilt, worry, shame, worthiness, etc.
  • To discover what you truly want.
  • To be soothed and uplifted around upsetting situations in your life.
  • To learn to see life from the broadest most helpful perspective.
  • To feel relief and ease on a particular subject… social justice, climate change, money, relationship, work, etc.
  • For a boost of energy and inspiration.
  • To learn to be free and live your life happily ever after, no matter what happens!

What can I expect from a coaching session?

You can expect to feel relief, clarity and inspiration. You’ll receive straightforward and honest information from a much broader perspective than you might be focusing on now. The call will last approximately 45min-1hr and you’ll feel better physically, emotionally and mentally, usually within the first 15 minutes. You’ll relax, feel the energy shifting around and begin to understand issues on a deeper level that actually changes how your feel and “see” things.

What is Consciousness Coaching?

As a Consciousness Coach I guide you toward using your conscious awareness to live an easier, happier life. I bring your body into your daily awareness. I help you achieve your goals by finding and moving the energy in your body that makes you feel what you want is not possible. Along with moving the energy, I give you insight into broader perspectives and teach you to soothe and uplift yourself in your own mind. The life you want to live is truly available to you and with less physical effort than you think.

What inspired you to become a Consciousness Coach?

I have been soothing and counseling people my whole life. It’s really why I am on this earth, I’m here to help. The very broad perspective from which I view life is simple and easy. We as human beings like to make things difficult and worrisome. I truly want to help people be happy, healthy and abundant.

What do you want your clients to experience?

I want my clients to experience full on joy and freedom! I love watching people create new relationships, first with themselves and then others. I want to help people feel more peaceful and at ease in their lives no matter the situation. It’s important to me that folks don’t take life too seriously. It’s all energy and it’s all moving. Allow the energy to shift and one of two things will happen… 1) The situation will change. or 2) The way you feel about the situation will change. Either way, you win!

What should someone expect when they sign up to work with you?

People should expect to laugh more, be less stressed and feel more at ease in their bodies when they sign up to work with me. The coaching sessions are light hearted and easy. We will find and move the energy physically, by breathing, relaxing and noticing the sensations you feel in your body. You’ll breathe more easily, feel relieved and more relaxed about whatever you thought the problem was. Along with moving the energy, I teach you to soothe and uplift yourself with your own mind by cultivating kindness and compassion.

“Hi Crystal, I’ve evolved so nicely during the last months! And now I just have to rave: I’m just living the best life ever! Thought about you a lot in difficult moments. This time was thinking about you in the best times ever! I couldn’t even imagine feeling so good a year ago! What a change there could be in life. I feel so alive!  So optimistic and good! Sending you my love! From Israel,”

Sigalit Greenholts

When somebody signs up to work with you the energy starts shifting immediately. Can you explain a little about this?

My intention is to help people move the resistant energy in their bodies that keep them stuck. Once someone is ready and makes the commitment, the energy does shift immediately. It’s all about my own focus and intention along with the new decision someone just made to let go and allow help. The energy truly wants to move, so when you decide to let it go, it goes. Once the energy has shifted and moved it is vital to support yourself in your mind. This will become your way of life… Allow the energy to shift while supporting yourself mentally. You are free and life is easy.

You, also, work with businesses, what types of things do you do for businesses?

I work with businesses in a few ways. I first work with the business owner to help them get clear and move any resistant energy around the success of their business. I also work with any employees that might need assistance to help them move old energy so they can be happy, focused and productive. Along with moving the energy it is of the utmost importance to move the whole group towards using their conscious mind to support themselves and each other while staying positively focused on the end goal.

How would you recommend that someone reading this can take a moment to soothe themselves? Is there any easy technique or intention they can do in a moment when then need some soothing quickly?

To soothe yourself immediately. This is GREAT for anxiety

I call this… Be BIG.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with a slight bend in your knees. (In a sports stance, ready to move in any direction.)
  • Begin to take slow, full breaths… in through your nose, filling your belly first, then chest, neck and head. Hold for 2 and passive release with an AHHHHHHHH sound.
  • Open your arms with your palms up and open. Be BIG.
  • Open your chest wide and continue to breathe into whatever you feel
  • Lift your head from the crown.
  • Notice the feelings in your body.
  • Breathe and tell yourself you can handle this. All is truly well. Energy is moving and you can allow that to happen.
  • Keep breathing and noticing the energy shifting in your body.
  • Allow yourself the moment. No judgement (of yourself or others).
  • Comfort yourself in your mind. Say the things you need to hear to soothe yourself.

If you need help with what to say, start with these phrases and you’ll begin to get the hang of it…

  • “everything is always working out for me”
  • “this too shall pass”
  • “would be obstacles dissolve in my path.”

As you become more and more familiar with moving the energy in your body life gets easier and easier.

Another way to soothe yourself quickly is also to wrap your arms around yourself in a big hug! Put your cheek on your shoulder a hold yourself so sweetly.

  • Breathe deeply and allow yourself to relax.
  • Again, soothe your mind with kind, compassionate and loving self talk. This will pass. All is well.
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