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c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

This is a resource page for anyone who is or knows someone going through cancer. If you’re here for that reason, bless you. I am sending healing, soothing, peace, ease and flow to you and all loved ones involved.

This disease and the medicines and techniques used to “combat” it have been devastating to us all at one point or another. It has also been helpful and healing so for that and the lessons of devastation, I say, Thank you. Thank you for causing me to focus in a big, new way. Thank you for the enormous amount of clarity you towed in your wake.

I will forever appreciate the ways this diagnosis opened my eyes and changed my life.

What does this look like for you? What have you noticed?

Check out the Daily Detox and Boosting Immunity pages to see multiple options to begin easily incorporating into your everyday lives.

No matter your level of health, these things will support our human vessels in this journey of life. Also, taking note of what you might already be doing will give you an added sense of wellbeing and relief knowing you’re already on your way!

Support yourself and others by moving the energy around what causes you to struggle. Coaching sessions with me are helpful to be soothed around the upset and refocus on the solutions and a happy end result.

Below you’ll find three podcasts Dionne and I did with my blood and soul sister, Johanna Nuding at

In them you will hear first of our journey through the diagnosis process and how and why we made the decisions we made and get an idea of how that could look for you. The second is focused on Cannabis for wellness and how to begin looking for support in that area if it’s right for you. The third is all about the caregivers, and the difficulties and ways to support yourself while supporting your loved ones.

Hear why and how we made the decisions we made. This was recorded in early November 2019, so listen to a perspective from folks in the middle of it.
Another recording from November 2019 focused on the Cannabis for Wellness aspect.
From the perspective of Caregiver, how to let it all to be ok and give yourself the soothing and support you need.
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