Taming the Voices in Relationships

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Our discussion last week with Roxanne was about taming the voices in relationships. It’s easy to think that other people should act appropriately so as to not upset us, but trying to control someone else’s behavior is futile. As all the parents reading this will surely agree! The only thing we truly have control over is ourselves. It might be more difficult to exercise at times, but our own behavior is the only thing we can control.

Relationships are one of the most important parts of our lives and truly help expand us into the people we will ultimately become. Allowing ourselves to feel what we feel helps us begin to make better decisions about how to handle difficult situations. When you’re in the heat of the emotion it’s more difficult to come to a peaceful resolution or even see that one is available.

Noticing how others behavior makes us feel is a great way to see “where we are”. Am I allowing my day, week or even months(years?) of my life to be ruined(affected, colored, marred) by what I think someone did to me? If the answer is yes, I have to make the decision to let it go.

We must give ourselves a break from blaming and complaining and focus our energy on what we want rather than the circumstance that caused our upset. We alone decide our day to day focus and I’d be willing to bet the person that upset us isn’t giving it a second thought. We must not give up our here and now, ripe with pure potential, to lament something that is over. (And PS… even if it happened yesterday, IT’S OVER.) Make the decision to move forward and start heading that direction.

Let’s all give ourselves a break which allows us to move through our initial reaction and begin to see that better things are lining up. My job as a Consciousness Coach is to help you relax into your feelings and not take things so personally (or seriously!). I help folks find the energy in the body and move it for increased clarity and calm in their lives. It’s all ok. Everything is going to work out. We are exactly where we’re supposed to be doing just what we’re supposed to be doing, otherwise we’d be somewhere else doing something else.

Relax and let the perfect situation unfold. When I was a little girl my Great Grandaddy Patterson told me not to worry about falling off my horse… the ground would catch me, he said. I didn’t appreciate that advice then as I was well aware how hard the ground could be. But as an adult and knowing what I know now, I am giggling recalling his gruff manner.

Life will always catch us, when we’re struggling against things that ground can be pretty hard, but when we relax and allow ourselves to flow with ease and grace, resisting nothing… we bounce.

Part 1 

Part 1 Continued

8 responses

  1. Julie


    You hit the nail on the head! So right on with this article (again) lol! love it!!! xoxo Julie


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Julie! 🙂


  2. Jody Butitta

    Well now if that wasn’t the most perfect thing for me to read and chew on for a while!
    I know it ….. somehow I keep forgetting! I’m gonna print this out and tape it to my arm,
    then maybe ill get there quicker! I love you Crystal, you are a light shining in my world!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      You are so sweet, Jody. That truly bursts my heart. Thank you. Seeing you and your family’s absolute health, happiness and vitality!


  3. Michelle Dobbins

    It’s so true. Sometimes I think we also have to set boundaries. I decided to block someone on facebook, who was a relative, who kept hurting my feelings. I knew at some point their comments might not bother me anymore, but for now they did and it felt so freeing to stop them.


  4. Crystal Nuding

    Of course! There comes a point when you have to take your hand out of the fire. But, it’s never about them. It’s always about our vibration and energy for us to move and our own power to reclaim. 🙂


  5. Angie

    Couldn’t see the videos Crystal


    1. Crystal Nuding

      So sorry Angie! I just tried it and they played. Maybe your browser needs to be updated?
      Seeing you being able to watch with ease!
      Have a great day!
      Much Love,


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