What’s Right?

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What if we spent more time asking each other, “What’s right?”

What if we began looking at every situation in our lives and asking ourselves a question that would serve us rather than bring us more problems?

I know, when someone walks into the room looking upset, gloomy or mad our curiosity gets the best of us. That part of us that cranes our neck to see the horrific accident or unfolding tragedy needs to know what’s wrong. Just tell me what’s wrong and I can relax. Not.

It truly is human nature. What’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. What’s wrong with me, with you, with this situation, with our government, our schools, our parents, our kids. Let’s get to the bottom of this! Let’s find out what caused this trouble so we can all point at it and shake our heads in righteous indignation. Oh that is SO WRONG.

I understand. I really do. I’m human too. I understand fear. I understand anxiety. I understand heartache. I understand loss. I understand uncertainty and pain. We all do. We’re not alone. We are all living exactly the same and completely different human experiences.

What can we do to help ourselves through these difficult emotions and times in our lives? How can we better support ourselves in the moment?  (And what would it take for us to want to figure out what creates these scenarios and situations over and over?)

What if we ask ourselves “What’s right about this situation?”

I know. I know. That’s a big, huge, enormous question in the midst of all that’s wrong. But, what if asking what’s right gave you a different perspective?

What if asking what’s right helped you to see what is right about this seeming tragedy in front of you?

Give it a shot. What have you got to lose? You’ve already been asking what’s wrong all this long time. How’s that working out for you? Asking “what’s wrong” has been and always will be lining you up vibrationally with more and more things you find wrong.

Decide now to begin asking “What’s right?”

I know that in the middle of confusion and upset asking what’s right about the situation feels weird, but go with it. Notice where the energy comes up in your body and feel through it. Relax and soothe yourself with such tenderness and love.

What harm could come from it? A positive perspective? You actually feeling better?

You might discover that you’re holding on to an old belief about yourself or others that’s creating this irritation or problem. Maybe you’re so focused on the problem that you’re totally missing the blessing that is your release from a dead-end job or relationship that was keeping you from having the money, love or support you deserve.

I remember thinking years back that I was ready for a new car. I loved my other car but some things were going wonky and I couldn’t seem to find a way to get them fixed. Not long after, on a 6am drive with my son to his high school for morning practice, were were rear-ended. It totaled the car. After my moment (about an hour or maybe half a day?) I realized I had been wanting a new car but wasn’t taking the steps to make it happen. I didn’t think I could afford it.

The universe showed me I could. I got another car, new to me and much better. I love my car so much. It feels so good to drive it. I enjoy just thinking about it.

In the moment, though, I was not pleased. Not pleased. Quite irritated and upset even. My son was driving. I was angry at the driver, angry it was six o’clock in the morning, angry my iced tea got poured into my lap. As soon as I jumped out of the passenger seat to see who had done this, I saw the culprit. A woman with two small children in her car and another vehicle behind her with two more small children. My initial anger dissipated into frustration and some compassion. Bless their hearts. We’re all up early shuttling our kids around. It was rainy and shit happens.

After all was said and done I sat in the drivers seat of my new car and laughed. This is what was right about that situation. I wanted a new car, needed one, but wasn’t taking the steps to make that happen. The universe gave me a little nudge.

What are you being nudged to do?

Think back over your life and recognize how many things have happened you first judged as bad that actually turned out better than you ever expected.

Now, look at a current struggle, take a deep breath and ask yourself “What’s right?”

There’s a perspective in every situation that serves you, but you have to be looking for it to find it. I am seeing you seeing it.

Sending all my love and support,



10 responses

  1. James Earl Wells

    My Sister always tells me when one door closes another one opens. As I read your piece I thought of me. Your story of the crash made me think of when they put me in a wheel chair and I was pretty much told I was told that was where I was going to stay there. Well if I had thought the way you wrote here I could have seen what was right. What was right was I would walk again. But I was only living in the moment. I had not thought of that until now. We live in the moment. We do not stop as you said, looking at what is right. What a wonderful lesson. The love you have given though this is wonderful. Thank You I really believe I found what I keep pushing back. Quit living in the moment so much. Open that next door and find what is right.
    Blessing to you



    1. Crystal Nuding

      I love it, James!
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
      Living in the moment of a terrible or upsetting situation is so difficult. Bless our hearts.
      We do the best we can in the moment.
      I’m so happy to have helped in some way.

      Sending you so much soothing, peace, ease and flow!
      Seeing your absolute health, happiness and vitality!

      Much Love,

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Pat

    Thanks, Crystal, for reminding me of this. It will help me and my friend as I take her to a difficult doctor’s appointment. About the car thing? I had 2 different cars that had major breakdowns during a time when I was taking too much time shopping for a new car!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Happy to do it, Pat!
      The Divine has it’s ways of making us move. 🙂
      I am sending you both so much healing, soothing, peace, ease and flow!
      Seeing absolute health, happiness and vitality!
      Love you!


  3. Cathy Ulrich

    Wonderful piece, Crystal. I love shifting the energy from what’s wrong to what’s right! Simple, powerful and doable. Your wisdom constantly amazes and delights me! Thank you.


    1. Crystal Nuding

      You are precious, Cathy! Thank you. 😀
      I am so happy to share.
      Hope you’re fabulous!
      Love you!


  4. dmdobbins98

    You know that’s one of my favorite questions. It’s funny how when I ask it there is always someone who starts to tell me everything that is wrong. I think we get in bad habits of pay attention to “what’s wrong” because it’s obvious, but when we look there is always so much that is right.


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Always, Michelle! Always. Bless our hearts.
      It is hard to see through our own or another’s struggle and upset but, rest assured, there is ALWAYS something right. 🙂


  5. Jacqueline Gates

    Sooo much delicious life-wisdom here. We always … well, as soon as we can (lol) … look for the ‘silver lining’ in the not-so-lovely times and situations. It’s not always easy but it makes all the difference.


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Jacqui!
      It really isn’t always easy but what a wonderful difference it makes in our lives when we do. There is always something right. Always.
      Thanks so much for stopping by. 🙂
      Blessings to you.


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