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My sister has an ashtray that says, “Act Natural”. I love it because it’s funny, and because it’s true, we should always act natural.

But, what does act natural even mean, these days? What is natural?

Are we allowed to be natural? Can we allow ourselves to be natural?

Would we know natural if it walked up and introduced itself?

Probably not.

Everything in this world is fake, made up, contrived. All of it.

Make no mistake. We can’t think we’re so smart, that since we didn’t know, it can’t be.

Nothing is real; We live in a holographic universe that our brain and central nervous system allows us to interpret as real. (Here’s an article about the latest Nobel Prize winner in Physics explaining it)

Yes, please and thank you.

Now you can stop taking or NOT taking my word for it. Ask a NOBEL PRIZE winner.

Thanks, guys! Seriously. It means the world to me. Which is actually…. nothing.

I’m really cracking myself up right now. I guess I can keep saying we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe.

Our reality is based on consciousness. So we actually are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. It’s all energy and it’s all moving. Always.

Actually, time is a construct that doesn’t exist and neither does money which is also energy/currency/frequency, in other words, vibration.

So, time and money, two things that cause so much suffering and grief in the human experiences aren’t even real. Fascinating, don’t you think?

Un-natural Current Events

I recently learned some thing(s) in REAL LIFE, as one does, that are quite the opposite of what we see and hear on the ol’ Fake Book / Mega La La Land / aka data collection operations on a massive and global scale.

Knowledge is Power, folks.
Shifting and moving the energy around that knowledge
so it doesn’t upset or control you,
is Conscious Creation.

I removed several paragraphs from this section that I’d written weeks ago when I started this blog. After doing my own research, I had come to understand some of the things I’d been hearing about but not believing, and was outraged. I mean MAD.

In my world, where Zen ends, ass kicking begins. But for me, ass kicking looks a little different than one might think, because it doesn’t involve anyone else.

As a conscious creator, I understand that we have to move toward what we want and not stand around shaking our fists at what we don’t want. Fighting against anything only creates more of it. Would you pour fuel on a fire you didn’t want? I didn’t think so.

Understanding that ass kicking, as a conscious creator, involves radical honesty with ourselves around our own thoughts and emotions, and puts us in the powerful position to be of service to the whole.

Naturally Helpful Actions

So what do I, as a conscious creator do?

I move my energy around said subject and come back to a place of peace in my heart and clarity in my mind. From here, I am more powerfully and positively focused, and whatever I do will be of benefit, to all.

We’re all looking at some outrageous information coming out about what’s been happening in our government and in our world, and it is upsetting. But, if we know how to act naturally we can make positive strides in the direction of healthy change for our entire planet.

Also, it’s helpful to recognize that this is a major part of life… dealing with “upset”. We silly humans think things should roll along seamlessly without ever causing us grief, but what would be the point of that life experience? Would we learn anything from it?

And even the crap being exposed that upsets us, is a chance for us to learn something. Our indoctrination into these broken systems offer us the perfect opportunity to learn and create something new that both supports us now, and future generations.

Because, what the heck would we know from natural? Everything we were taught growing up was intended to get us to conform to someone else’s version of reality, good, right, true, natural. Normal. Blech.

No worries, though. Solutions abound and everything is always working out for us. Yes, please and thank you.

Now what?

What to do now is figure out what the heck we, each as individuals want, and how to naturally begin moving in that direction.

When we can say to ourselves “it’s ok” and begin soothing our own personal discomfort about whatever we’re faced with, we get on the timeline / wavelength of everything being OK. And it is.

We become the living, breathing, moving solution to the stagnant problem. Yes, please and thank you.

The way to subvert this slow demolition of all that’s good and wholesome in our world and take complete control of our own life experience is to become aware that this subversion happening, so we can lovingly and politely say, no thank you, and be unbothered.

Unbothered = Empowered

#consciouscreation #consciousnesscoach

Just noticing every time we feel uncomfortable or unsafe to be ourselves, is the best place to start.

Also it’s super powerful to notice when we are ourselves, and then feel uneasy afterwards if we’ve made someone else uncomfortable because they don’t approve or understand our truth.

We’ve all been programmed to be total snowflakes. We must be perfect with our speech so as not to offend anyone. What a drag.

We’ve been encouraged
by quite a few “groups” of people and institutions
to complain and feel like victims.
If you know how conscious creation works,
and those folks DO understand,
you would never in good conscience
encourage large groups of people
to focus in a way that brings about
their inevitable, uncomfortable destruction.
But they do.
#themoreyouknow #consciouscreation

When we’re happy we’d never intentionally hurt or offend anyone anyway. It just couldn’t happen.

So, doing our part to do the inner work on ourselves looks like asking ourselves powerful questions in the face of difficult emotions.

👉 Am I examining my old struggles and upsets through the lens of my most recent frustration?
👉 Am I feeling through and discerning what actually happened, and what I took from it?
👉 Was my thinking, focus and response helpful?
👉 Has it made my life better?
👉 Or is this line of thinking a trap that if I stay focused on will keep me forever unhappy and at odds with “others”?

Powerful questions answered with radical honesty is the best and quickest way out of any dilemma.

The most powerful way to make the biggest difference is to move through the outrage and upset to come to a place of peace and understanding. From there, you can effect the most powerful change.

Acting from a place of upset, we only ADD to the thing we don’t want.

We have the power to make meaningful change in our lives and the world on a regular and daily basis. What a relief.

Redefining Natural

Natural is no longer subject to anyone else’s opinion.

Let’s take it back. My natural is mine and your natural is yours.

We can release ourselves from this age old programming that says we have to “buy in” to this false matrix reality construct.

👉What if our own way IS the best way?

👉What if we DON’T need to do it someone else’s way?

👉What if our own way is the easiest and most positively impactful way we could do it?

Can you feel what comes up when you ask those questions?

Do I feel a yes? YES!

Or do I feel some resistance or tension that says, “I wish, but, that couldn’t work for me”? YES!

The physical sensation that feels like a NO, is the key to freedom.

Keep that in mind whenever we feel upset about anything.

The problem IS the solution.

When we notice the problem, we can then set our mind aside and find the physical sensation of the upset in the body.

Relax, breathe, and soothe the body to help shift the energy until we feel more at ease and then we can revisit the upset mentally to see where we are energetically.

We can quickly tell how much better we feel and also notice the subtle (or not so subtle) positive shift in our mind and focus this conscious attention naturally provides.

A deep level of peace is available to each of us in every moment. And we can definitely do it by ourselves, but it’s also helpful to get support in the beginning.

Get Support

I will soothe, support and guide you through the process of moving energy to find your own natural actions. This relaxes your body enough to shift mentally to the perspective that actually serves you and the situation.

You’ll come into a different relationship with your emotions and understand what they’re actually telling you.

I’ll teach you the telltale signs to look for to recognize when you’re mentally heading in the wrong direction and tips to more easily bring yourself back into alignment, so you can actually act natural, which allows you to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

I’m here for it.

I love you so much,

Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach and Master Soother and Up-lifter for 25 years, is helping soulful individuals and purpose driven humans who are ready to live a life of peace, purpose and joy. Understand HOW you're creating your reality so you can change the world. It's easier than you think. 
Schedule a call now.

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