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I’ve heard so many people say, “Meditation is hard!” or “I’m terrible at meditating.”

Well, if you think it is, it tends to be.

But, with a little different perspective and a couple of tools under your belt you’ll be meditating like a Zen monk in no time.

Trust me, it’s easier than you think.

Why Meditation is Easy

When we begin meditating, our main objective isn’t to have a perfectly clear mind, that’s a ridiculous goal to start with. Relax and take it easier than that.

Our job is to notice the direction our thoughts are going. Helpful or not helpful?

Am I struggling with something or grinding on a subject in a way that feels uncomfortable?

Am I planning for something terrible to happen in the future?

Am I replaying a negative scenario and feeling more and more angry and upset?

Is this making me feel better or worse?

You get the idea.

A Tip to Calm the Mind

The way we react or respond to our thoughts determines what happens next.

So, when we keep that in mind, we are more likely to calm ourselves down rather than blow up, which is always a good idea.

Our life experience has lead us to where we are now, and that’s perfect. No worries about where we are or how we got here.

Right now, from right here, we can go where ever we want to go.

But we won’t go there if we’re complaining or blaming anyone for anything.

If I’m enjoying this drama and trauma loop, I have every right to do so, but as soon as I’m tired of my own bullshit, I can shift it all in an instant. Yes, please and thank you.

For example, the moment I’m done telling the story of how women are repressed and objectified and it’s wrong, wrong, wrong… I can move the energy that makes me continually think that thought and notice those things in my life experience.

Once that energy is tended to, I feel empowered on the subject, NO MATTER what is happening around me.

My calm confidence can empower other women and we can create a world where that doesn’t happen.

This is how we change the world, by shifting our own energy, not by forcing others to change or beating the drum of their wrong doing.

We are changing the world not by changing all the bully’s, but by shifting our own individual energy of “victim”.

Now Breathe

Once I have a basic grip on what my mind is doing, I can move on to the next tip that will release me and set me free. Forever.


Practicing this breathing exercise on a regular and consistent basis will begin to move mountains in this physical reality.

Take a big, slow, deep breath in through the nose. Fill the belly, chest and head. Hold the breath for a couple seconds and release with an audible sigh… AAHHHHHHH.

This stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system and soothes your body and mind. It boosts your immune system and brings your gut, heart and brain into alignment.

Notice after each exhalation the next level of relaxation you begin to feel. Your shoulders will drop, your body might feel a bit heavier in your chair and more relaxed.

Your mind will slow it’s stories and you’ll begin moving into more mental clarity.

Get Support

While these are very simple steps, our mind can make things seem much more complicated and difficult than they actually are. Which is why getting support when you need it is so important.

If you are sad, unhappy, overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated on a regular basis, that can change.

I teach you to tune in to your physical body (instrument panel) to deeply acknowledge and honor your experiences and the emotions around them so you can move on.

Feelings are to be felt and released, not lived in.

We honor ourselves and those we love, have loved and lost by being happy and living our best life, right now.

They’re always with us and our being in grief doesn’t serve them anymore than it does us.

Exercise your rights as a free and sovereign human being; be happy and enjoy your life.

I’m here to help.

I love you so much,


Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach and Master Soother and Up-lifter for 25 years, is helping soulful individuals and purpose driven humans who are ready to live a life of peace, purpose and joy. Understand HOW you're creating your reality so you can change the world. It's easier than you think. 
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    Good information!!

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    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you!! I love you so much.


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