Slow Down

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New year, new ideas and lots of pressure to be productive. But, actually, January isn’t the best time to start new things.

Here in Texas it’s been sunny and warm and is really feeling like Spring, but folks, it’s still winter. A time for rest and introspection.

When we follow nature’s lead we have a deeper understanding of what we’re experiencing and why things are happening the way they are.

In this season of Winter, nature is calling us to rest and recover from the activities and busy-ness of life.

The work we’re called to do at this time is deep and internal. Like our plant friends in nature the work is under the surface, not the flashy, bloomy, outward activities of Spring and Summer.

Understanding Nature’s Cycles

After my Reset and Recover class at our local Snap Fitness here in Lockhart, my dear friend and Zumba instructor was talking about not understanding the tired, heavy and lethargic feelings she was having in her body.

As someone that takes very good care of themselves, eats healthy and works out regularly she couldn’t understand why she was feeling that way. Once I mentioned our need rest and recover during this time of year, she relaxed. It made perfect sense. Now she can feel what she feels without making it wrong.

Our animal body’s need to move with the cycles of nature is inevitable.

We can push through and force ourselves to ________, but it’s not always helpful.


I was feeling very pulled to meditate and practice my Ukelele the other day but was also having some mental struggle over needing to unload the dishwasher.

Instead of meditating and moving the energy around it, I just jumped up to push through and get it done.

In my haste, I broke one of my favorite cups and cut my finger. Oy. In that very moment, I knew.


I felt it, but I couldn’t allow myself to rest and relax.

So, then I HAD to go sit down…. dishwasher still half full and me light headed and bleeding.

And that wasn’t the end of it. A few days later, I opened the door and kicked the crap out of my pinky toe as I was rushing out into the back yard.

Oh, Crystal. Please slow down.

That’s Life

Conscious creators aren’t perfect. And shit happens.

But when it does, we’re paying attention.

  • What am I rushing through right now?
  • What am I being called to do or not do?
  • Am I listening?
  • How can I let things be easier?
  • How can I relax more into my own knowing?
  • How much fun will I have when I tap into and share my own genius?
  • How much easier is my life when I don’t make things a big deal?

When we recognize the first thing we can do to get back on track is to slow down everything in our lives gets easier.

Stop rushing and take a few deep breaths.

What is required for us to live our best and happiest life right now?

Can we allow ourselves to slow down when things get difficult?

If not, why not?

Give yourself the gift that will overflow to everyone around you… a deep inner connection with your own highest version of yourself.

Start the year the way nature intended, reflecting and internally nurturing our powerful intuition.

Get a set of sessions or sign up for a subscription to make 2023 your best year yet. And every one after that, even better.

Life is supposed to be easy and fun. Discover how simple it is to make that happen.

I love you so much,

Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach and Master Soother and Up-lifter for 25 years, is helping soulful individuals and purpose driven humans who are ready to live a life of peace, purpose and joy. Understand HOW you're creating your reality so you can change the world. It's easier than you think. 
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  1. grandfathersky

    Always take care in transitions. Stairs, corners, getting out / into the car, transitions change our focus. Mindfulness is a full time job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Crystal Nuding

      It’s so true!! 😜😂💃


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