Yes, Is The Grease

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Yes keeps everything moving!
Yes keeps everything moving!

Yes is one of the most powerful words in any language. No other word has more power to transform your personal situation than “Yes”. Learn to say “Yes” in the face of what you don’t want and difficulties begin dissolving immediately. Recognize there is a perspective in every scenario that serves you and your being willing to see it, gets you halfway there.

When you say “yes” you are not resisting anything and are actually opening yourself to new possibilities. “Yes” allows the situation to resolve, transform or fade all together.

When we say “NO, NO that’s not what I wanted. Let me run and tell everyone how angry I am and how terrible this situation is.” We are only adding our precious and powerful energy to a situation we do not want. When we give things we don’t want our attention we continue to create things that make us feel bad. But, when we can first say “Yes” and then “Thank You”, changes previously unavailable begin to present themselves.

“Yes” is the grease, “no” is the glue.

“Yes”, I can allow this situation to transform and “thank you” for showing me where my focus and thoughts have been lately.

Don’t worry or give yourself a hard time. Just say, “OK. I’ve been focused on things other than what I want. It’s OK. I’m human. I can say yes and watch it all change. Everything is always working out for me.”

I find when I say “yes”, that most times, if it’s something I really don’t want to do, it doesn’t happen…

I get a call from a friend. “Hey! I’m moving out of my house and have no one to help me, will you?” Uh, yuck. I don’t want to move! BUT, I do love my friend and certainly want to be of assistance if I can, so “yes, of course I will help.” Not something I’m really looking forward to, but we always have fun and this will be no different. We’ll get it done and I’ll get some exercise. “Yes, I will help.”

The day before the big move, I get a call saying someone else with a big truck and a few buddies are happy to help (for beer!) and are taking care of the whole thing, maybe we can do dinner next week when things have settled down. Voila! “YES!” I said yes, and it all worked out. I was able to support my friend and created the space for more help that didn’t require me to move heavy furniture!

“Yes” is the grease, “no” is the glue.

How can you support yourself by saying “YES” to allow more flow in your life? Even in situations you don’t want. Remember, “Yes” is the grease that allows things to shift and change with ease, “No” gums up the system and creates more of the same.

Do you notice yourself saying “no” and feeling it in your body? Find the “NO” physically in your body and breathe.(stomach, chest, throat, heart?) Breathe gently, in “yes” and out “thank you”. In “yes”, out “thank you.” Allow the resistance to move and watch the situation transform.

Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

If you need more help saying “yes”, give me a call.

I’m here to help.

Much Love to you,

5 responses

  1. ninagrao

    Crystal, I love this! Saying yes does feel a lot better than saying no. It really does change things. I’m so glad you shared this; I really needed it today.

    Love, Nina


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Awesome, Nina! Thank you. I’m happy it helped.
      Much Love to you and the family!


  2. Debbie Midgette

    Yes! I have been playing this with myself recently and noticing exactly what you mentioned. One thing I am glad you said was that often saying “yes” is enough just to clear the space (to help your friend move) for other help to jump in too. I have found before when I have said yes in a similar situation, (don’t really want to do it, but will do it as I know it’s a good idea) and then something changes, I have thought/felt I needed to continue with the original plan, even though I clearly didn’t anymore. Make sense? Thanks for helping me see that yes, can mean so many things, including following up with an activity, or it may just grease the wheels as you say, for even better things to come.




    1. Crystal Nuding

      Things shift so much quicker when we say yes. I’m happy to shine a little light on the subject. 🙂 Seeing you allowing better and better things to come!
      Much Love!


  3. Cathy Ulrich

    Love this mantra, Crystal. “Yes is the grease, no is the glue.” Needs to be a bumper sticker! 🙂


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