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Love is all around if you're looking for it.
Love is all around if you’re looking for it.

Bless our human hearts. We all want results.

We want to see immediately the results of our actions. I’ve started a diet and want to see a lower number on the scale and a new rear-end in the mirror on the second day. Or we have gotten really out of balance and have a dis-ease or diagnosis that should be cleared up with one pill.

Well, again, bless our human hearts.

We are hard wired to want those results. We don’t necessarily want to do the work it would take to get those results, we just want the results. Although the “work” we truly need to do to get the results we want isn’t “work” at all.

Sometimes we like the exercise or workouts we do and some of us even like to eat healthy foods, but as a society we’ve given every ounce of our own personal power away to big pharma, doctors, politicians, banks and the media.

We aren’t really willing to go through a process of healing or transformation. We just want it right now. But your illness or dire situation didn’t happen over night, it may sometimes seem as though it did, but I assure you it didn’t. It started a while ago and built up little by little until it got so loud that you were diagnosed with cancer or your partner left you or you lost your job.

There were little warning signs all along the way that if you knew and were paying attention you could have listened to and made adjustments to create a totally different outcome. Learn how to navigate these signals and you’ll never be caught off guard again.

So, ok… I get it. You want results.  What is the one result you can always look for that will make everything better? And I do mean everything.

noun: relief

~ a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.

Ahhhhh, sweet relief.

If the result you are looking for is relief, everything in your life changes. Relief isn’t complete and total resolution, relief is feeling just a little bit better than you were before.

If you stop looking for the whole enchilada right now and appreciate the relief from your busy mind or a slight bit of relief in your body if illness or some diagnosis is what you’re in search of then you’re on your way.

So many times when faced with an illness or terrible situation the only thing people want is immediate, complete healing or resolution and nothing else will do. When that’s your standard, you’re not leaving yourself much room for improvement. You’re also not giving yourself the opportunity to discover what put you on that path to begin with. But, if you let just feeling a little bit better be enough it begins to compound.

Beginning to recognize where this illness or situation came from is quite helpful. Noticing where you’ve been directing your thoughts and focus can give you great information on how you’ve gotten yourself into any situation.

I know some people might not want to hear they had anything to do with their illness or dire situation, but taking responsibility for your own life, health and happiness is the only way to control it. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of the outside world and that just sucks.

So, how do I get relief when things are so terrible in my life right now?

Well, begin with breathing. Stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths. In through your nose, filling your belly first and then your chest, then breathe out, pulling in your stomach to empty out your lungs completely before the next deep cleansing breath.

While you’re breathing begin to soothe yourself in your mind. Say calming and comforting things to yourself, even if at first you don’t believe them to be true. “I’m OK. I’m OK. It’s all OK. This is all going to be alright. Everything is working out for me. Even if I can’t see it, I know that things are working out for me.”

Get outside in nature. Take a walk with your pet or borrow someones pet (ask them first! haha) to take for regular walks. Play music that makes you feel good and dance around. Light some candles and put on comfy clothes. What makes you feel good?

By taking the time to make yourself feel better physically you’re giving your mind a chance to follow. You know how hard it is to be positive when you feel bad physically. If your problem IS feeling bad physically you must begin to take notice of feeling just a tiny bit better. Baby steps make all the difference.

Once you begin to get the hang of it, you’re golden. With enough practice, you’ll begin to believe what you’re saying and feel it to be true. You’ll also begin to hear the crazy shit your mind is telling you as crazy shit and won’t be so frightened by it.

You’ll notice how when you calm and soothe yourself, you don’t stay upset for so long, you have better ideas, your illness begins to respond to the treatment, you have more fun with your children, partner or spouse and life in general just gets better and better.

This is all so very simple, but not always easy. If you need support on your journey, I am here to assist and guide you.

You can do it. You know what your heart needs to hear. Say those things and begin cultivating a relationship with yourself based on soothing and support. Life really is good and fun and all you need to do to experience more of that is look for and give yourself relief.

Here’s to you finding it.

My love to you,


8 responses

  1. dmdobbins98

    I love the title of this post! I also love the reminder that finding relief is what we really want and it helps us get everything else, too.


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Ha! Thanks, Michelle.
      If you feel just a little bit better your whole perspective changes. Here’s to more understanding and less worry. 🙂


  2. Cathy Ulrich

    Wonderful post, Crystal – full of wisdom and love. Really, what we want is relief – then the results come!
    Love you!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Cathy!
      When we realize we just need to feel a little bit better than we do right now, it takes the big pressure off and allows things to change.
      Here’s to everyone’s ease and flow!
      Love you!


  3. jameskeeneyhill

    Well said, Crystal – I’ve been on that healing path you describe (I often fall off of it, too…:) I think the most difficult part for me was that I had a personality that was built around unhealthy substances (couldn’t socialize without a drink, for instance), so giving them up felt like having to become a completely different person. By the way, how is it that someone who seems as nice and helpful as you is taking the time to read my F-bomb piece today and liking it…:)


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Oh Lord, James!
      Well, I am nice and helpful and an all around Pollyanna(irritating to many! haha). But, I haven’t always been this way. I am completely human and have actually been accused of being a sailor. 🙂

      I agree completely with your post. I just don’t allow myself to spend time focusing or vocalizing such.
      But, truth is truth until we can all relax enough to allow things to change.
      That’s where I come in… I’m trying to share what I’ve learned throughout my life that has lead me to complete happiness no matter what anyone else is doing. 🙂
      Sending you much love, healing, soothing, peace, ease and flow!
      Seeing your absolute health, happiness and vitality.
      I’m here to help if you need it. 🙂
      Have a great day! XO


      1. jameskeeneyhill

        Thanks Crystal – so I guess we’ll leave the venting for me – I’m much more relaxed after letting that out…:) However, I will watch for you sailing on the blogging seas…


      2. Crystal Nuding

        You’re perfect James! 🙂
        I raged against the machine until I realized it was hurting me. If you feel relaxed after your post you’re doing great!! Everyone is different and we have to decide what works for us and when.
        Rock on, James!
        I’ll be here with you. 🙂


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