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Enjoy the unfolding of your life's path
Enjoy the unfolding of your life’s path

2012 has been quite an expansive year. Much of what came clear to me at the end of 2011 was expanded upon and my life has turned into something so absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t have previously imagined it. At this time last year I would never have thought I would be here today. And though the road here had some twists and turns (and more than a few bumps) I wouldn’t trade “here” for anything in the world.

We sometimes get confused thinking we live in a life/death world. What actually happens is life, death, and life again. Not the same as before, but life. And actually even better than before if you’re looking at it from the right perspective. Because as we experience the transition of one thing into another we learn and discover more and more about life and ourselves. We can learn what we’ll do differently next time and reflect on what we’re proud we did this time. We can learn how to handle ourselves in ways that are respectful to ourselves and others.

Life is the game we play our whole lives. Living, learning, growing and expanding. Understand the game and life is really easy.

Reflect today on your past year and appreciate everything that has worked out for you. (If you’re reading this from the physical plane things are going alright!) Allow yourself to feel through any regrets, sadness or frustration you’ve had. Take some deep breaths and appreciate what you learned from each situation that hurt or felt less than good.

If you can’t yet find the positive perspective, lightly set your intention to get there and let it go. Decide to be your own best friend and cheer leader. Support yourself mentally with kindness and compassion. This simple act will change your entire life.

The very idea of 2013 has my heart bursting. I was born on Friday the 13th, so 13 has always been my lucky number. 2013 is my year! I am filled with joy and excitement over what’s already here and what is on it’s way.

This is your year too. This is the year you will fully recognize and understand the point in this life is joy and begin to move easily and confidently in that direction.

You are meant to live an expansive, exhilarating, good-feeling experience. It was your plan when you made the decision to become focused in your physical body in this time-space reality. You were born knowing that you are a powerful Being; that you are good; that you are the creator of your experience, and that the Law of Attraction (the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn) is the basis of the Universe, and you knew it would serve you well. And so it has.

— Abraham

The Abraham quote this morning put me into a state of appreciation because I do know this is how life works. And it works quite well.

To the people I have worked with in 2012, Thank you! My life is richer because I know you. Helping you reach your ultimate goals of inner peace and freedom is one of my greatest pleasures.

To the folks I’ll work with in the coming year, your freedom is on it’s way, quicker and easier than you think. I can’t wait to share it with you.

Much appreciation for an excellent 2012 and even more anticipation for a successful and satisfying 2013. Here’s to the new. New year, new perspectives. Here’s to everyone recognizing their own inner genius, true ultimate freedom and complete power over their own lives.

Have a wonderful last day of 2012 and enjoy ringing in the New Year this evening.

See you next year!

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  1. dmdobbins98

    Working with you this year has been a blessing! I can’t wait for 2013 either. Thirteen is my lucky number, too! Friday the 13 has always been one of my favorite days! 🙂


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thanks so much Michelle! Can’t wait to see what fabulousness the new year holds. 🙂


  2. Jody Butitta

    Hi Crystal…. and Happy New Year!
    As I was sitting and reflecting this morning, I had the thought that I need to value myself more and decided that 2013 would be the “year of Jody”


    1. Crystal Nuding

      YES! Awesome, Jody. Making that decision is more than half the journey. I can’t wait to hear how it unfolds. Happy New Year to you! XO


  3. manningtreearchive

    Best wishes for a happy new year! Crystal, may the good things in life be yours in this new year and always. Jo x


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Same to you Jo! Much Love and many blessings. Crystal


  4. Julie

    Happy New Year Crystal! Yet another GREAT post! I totally feel the same way …… I cannot wait to see what great things 2013 holds for me and talking to you has been such a God-send! You’ve made a huge difference with your advice and I’ve been trying to pass it forward! I look forward to our chats in the days to come! Love and many Blessings to you, Crystal! xoxoxoxo


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Julie! Can’t wait to see what happens! 🙂
      Much Love! XO


  5. Cathy Ulrich

    Happy New Year, Crystal. I’m excited to see what 2013 holds for both of us!
    Much love,


    1. Crystal Nuding

      It just keeps getting better and better! 🙂


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