Part Deux

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We got so wrapped up in our family holiday that very few pictures were taken. (I love/hate when that happens.) And the ones that were taken weren’t amazing. But. Never fear.  We had our Thanksgiving ReMix last night and it was delicious.

I made some fresh turkey gravy with onions, celery and fresh herbs and put the turkey breast in to heat gently. We had brussels sprouts and red potatoes that didn’t get made on the actual day that got their turn to shine. Brussels sprouts with bacon and a few cherry tomatoes and the red potatoes got a bath in milk, butter and rosemary. Delish. I wanted to make some fresh rolls but didn’t have the energy. Ha! That’s because I’ve already had enough rolls… (although Dionne is off work today and I can hear her in the kitchen making bread… I’m smelling cilantro, yum.)

Turkey Day ReMix
Turkey Day ReMix

So that was dinner last night and lunch again today. We ate all of the brussels sprouts last night so we did have to make more rolls for lunch. I mean, there they were just waiting to have butter melted in them. What would you have done?

The next and final stop for this fabulous turkey from Richardson’s Farm will be a yummy turkey pot pie.

Oh, and did I mention Dionne made bread?

Fresh Baked Bread
Cilantro, Dill & Green Onion Cottage Cheese Bread

9 responses

  1. Sherrie Stringer

    Oh Crystal I can just smell it!! The pics are wonderful. Thanksgiving leftovers are so so good…


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Yes! Thank you. 🙂


  2. prewitt1970

    Yum!!!Looks/sounds amazing


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you, Benjamin! 🙂


  3. Cathy Ulrich

    Looks delish, Crystal! The only down side of going to a friend’s house this year for Thanksgiving was no leftovers. I was telling Peter yesterday that I think I’ll get a turkey and do cornbread dressing for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Crystal Nuding

      That’s why I cook every year! 🙂
      I’m so happy to share.
      Thank you, Cathy!


  4. Ganesh Raam


    I have nominated your blog for the Shine On and/or Reality Blog Awards. If you would like to pick up either/both award(s), please use the below link:

    Let me know if you are going to accept the award! : )
    Cheers! 🙂


    1. Crystal Nuding

      Thank you so much! I’m going to check it out now! 🙂


      1. Ganesh Raam

        Cheers 🙂


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