Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach

It is my honor to support you on your journey of conscious creation.

Get ready to experience a whole new level of living.

You’ll call 512-665-4414 at the specified time for your session or text to coordinate if we’re doing it in person.

I look forward to helping you allow your freedom!

I Love you so much,

Check out my blog for more soothing and support!

Slow Down

New year, new ideas and lots of pressure to be productive. But, actually, January isn’t the best time to start new things. Here in Texas it’s been sunny and warm and is really feeling like Spring, but folks, it’s still winter. A time for rest and introspection. When we follow nature’s lead we have a…

Holiday Hubub

The most valuable gifts can’t be bought, they can only be shared. Learn to cultivate those gifts consciously in your life so they may over flow to the ones you love most.

Secrets of Life

Psst! Come over here. I’m gonna tell you a secret. Only the humans… come closer. They really don’t want you to hear this… 🚨 All humans want the same things. 🚨 Love, connection, health, happiness, joy, peace, ease, excitement, creativity, fulfillment, security, abundance, etc… But, we’ve been CONvinced by “them” that there are large groups…

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