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c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

Get the absolute most out of your Life Experience.

It’s all here available for you, but are you letting it in?  Crystal Nuding

This series of personal, one on one weekly calls (suggested one month minimum) will get you moving in the right direction quicker than you think. These calls are intended to jump start your happy, harmonious and prosperous life!

Many folks read all kinds of books and get tremendous benefit. Others find their minds keep them tied up in the day to day irritations of life. Allow yourself the support, soothing and guidance you need. These weekly calls will help you move through your resistance with soothing and support.  I’ll hold the perfect vision for you, while our repeated contact will gently and easily train your vibration upwards.  These will be uplifting and supportive interactions that soothe and allow you to relax into what you truly desire.

In these weekly one on one phone sessions get coaching, soothing and a vibrational attunment to reach your business or personal goals. The repeated interactions will raise your vibration and help you come more fully into your easy life.

Get the most out of your life.

 $200/wk  includes one phone session with a vibrational attunement per week.
Boost your Business – $400/wk weekly one on one session with support for creating profitable businesses, including a vibrational attunement.

Suggested minimum, one month.  You can cancel at any time, but it’s the intensive effect of the weekly contact that helps raise your vibration more quickly while the coaching and soothing make it easier.

Weekly Boosts with Crystal – Click the links below to start now!

Email or call 512-665-4414
to start your Weekly Boost Program!

Contact me to schedule a free 15 min. initial phone/Skype consultation.

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Weekly Boost Testimonials

Oh, yes, life is good!
Over Cuba right now, in first class (free upgrade…) looking down through the clouds to a golden sea.

The first week with you, I got so, so high…just flying. The second week I got big. Really big, much bigger than my small self for the first time. This week I went deep; waaay down under any thinking or story, down in the vibration of it all. I dove under a whole bunch of emotions this week (while I was in Jamaica!!) that I’d never really seen as feelings before; I’d called them reality. Opening my heart in so many ways.

Oh, and did I tell you about the phone call the day before we left? The one that came out of the blue, with no work on our part, and massively, permanently changed the financial situation of our family?

And you know the first thought in my mind?
Oh, my god..thats my past vibration! What’s coming NEXT? Hahaha!!!!!

Looking forward to talking tomorrow.


“Hi there!
And by the way…….holy SHIT!   🙂
It has been an amaaaaaaaazing week. I’ve had big events in my life, but this feels like the most dramatic change on my vibrational state EVER.  Surprised I didn’t drop you a line sooner. Really, really looking forward to it!”
Dameron Midgette

Sessions with Crystal – Allow yourself to live the life you are supposed to live.
Weekly Boosts – Get more out of your life.
Rave Calls – Get excited about what you want.
Be Soothed – Allow yourself the soothing you need.
Vision Holding – Relax and let it in.

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