Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

Winter Sky

Allow the soothing you need to get what you want.

Are you struggling with an issue or situation in your life that needs resolution?

Let me soothe you and help you move the energy surrounding whatever’s bothering you.

Life can be hard when we’re faced with a situation that scares and upsets us. Thinking we might lose our business or we won’t have the money to finish building our house.  Bills to pay and not sure where the money will come from?

Let me soothe you. There is a way. There is always a way and the first thing that needs to happen is for you to relax and begin to see things from a different perspective.

I can help you do that.

You’ll soften around what’s upsetting you and move that old energy. I’ll help you gain better perspective on the subject and we’ll get you moving in a positive direction toward what you do want.

Be Soothed – $30
20-30 min

Pay for your Soothing Session Now - $35

Sessions with Crystal – Allow yourself to live the life you are supposed to live.

Weekly Boosts – Get more out of your life.

Rave Calls – Get excited about what you want.

Vision Holding – Let me help you relax and let it in.

 Email or call 512.665.4414

Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach and Master Soother and Up-lifter for 25 years, is helping soulful individuals and purpose driven humans who are ready to live a life of peace, purpose and joy. Understand HOW you're creating your reality so you can change the world. It's easier than you think. 
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