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Live a better life
Live a better life

What do you want?
Why do you want it?

These are the only things you need concern yourself with.

I hold the perfect vision for you, so you can relax and let it in.

Send me a brief email sharing with me what you want and why you want it.
No defending yourself or explaining… but joyfully, excitedly, tell me why you want what you want.

You never need to justify what you want.  You want it.  That’s enough.

The amount of your demonstration is equal to your commitment.

If your demonstration is over $50… 
let me know in your email and we’ll have a 15 min phone conversation to rave about and get juiced up and rolling toward what you want.
You will receive a vibrational attunement at the end or sent to you while you sleep.
(This is not a call to talk about problems.  If you need more help, schedule sessions.)

How this works – Click the Donate button below and enter the amount of your demonstration, then send an email to

Now relax and let it in!

Hi Crystal,

“Just wanted to thank you for the Divine energy you have obviously sent our way.

You asked me to watch out for and note every little sign of things turning around.

Well, on Thursday afternoon when I got home from work (Daniel had been home sick)his books were on the kitchen table as if they had been used.(This has never happened before) He said he had been doing Maths. Then later in the evening he voluntarily went to the table and did about 20 minutes of study, highlighting the dot points in his legal studies text book without me reminding him too or should I say nagging him to. (this has never happened before)

Yesterday, as I was driving him home from school he said, “Mum, how did you focus when you were at uni?” I said a few technical things and about having a goal then later on I thought no I’ve learned so much more since then so I brought the subject up again and talked to him about really FEELING as if he is successful completed his studies, what it will feel like to be on top of things and confident etc. He actually seemed to be really listening to me (this has never happened before or not since he was 11 or 12 anyway!!)

They may be only little things but it is a start and I am reminded of the metaphor of the first small twigs and branches that you see floating down a river may be the first signs that there are large logs about to appear. I am taking the above signs as my “twigs”.

Also, there is a song in Australia called “From little things big things grow”.  I have been saying that too myself often in reference to these first twigs.

Many thanks to you.
May you be blessed with profound peace, abundant joy, love and prosperity.”
Barbara (from Australia requested Vision Holding)

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