2 thoughts on “Welcome Video

  1. here is something different for you. I am Franziska Solway, nee Nuding, born in Germany and I live in Australia since 55 years. My professional life I started being a classical dancer for 12 years on German Opera houses, and then changing to do Legal Work. I am very positive and still working at 91 years of age. I just thought it would be interesting for you to meet another Nuding who is positiv like you. Cheers, Franziska

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  2. Franziska! 91 years young! What an honor and blessing to meet you. Thank you for reaching out. I am so thrilled and happy to know there are more positive Nudings out in the world!! I have met one other Nuding through facebook… He’s from Mexico but lives in Spain. What a wide group we are. I am sending you so much love, peace, ease and flow. Stop by anytime. I’d love to visit and learn more about your life. XO


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