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Crystal Nuding Consulting
Be Soothed and Uplifted

Crystal helps students and teachers recognize and release anxiety and fear around standardized testing.

She understands the fear and pressure kids (not to mention administration, teachers and parents) face around the Texas Education Agency’s mandatory, standardized STAAR Tests.

With STAAR raising the number of exit tests required by high school seniors, possibly preventing graduation and hurting chances of college admissions, along with four-hour testing limits, it’s important to help students and teachers handle the test with the utmost calm and confidence.

Common responses to “exam stress,” can include fear, upset stomach, disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety, worry, irregular eating habits, exhaustion, weakened immune system, and inability to concentrate. Though these can be troubling occurrences in the moment, the solution is simple and long lasting.

Students and teachers alike can learn how and why our bodies react to stress the way they do and how to soothe themselves moment by moment, effectively shifting the paradigm of the stressful situation.

Crystal genuinely connects with students and guides them through proven techniques to relax and release tension, allowing access to higher brain function, improving test scores. Students learn to self soothe and find that testing can be easier and less stressful than they’ve previously known it to be.

Crystal’s focus and intention:

Helping Students

  • Releasing traumas and beliefs that don’t serve them
  • Moving through fear, anxiety and guilt
  • Recognizing habits, behaviors and their consequences
  • Learning how to love and support themselves and each other

Sharing Perspectives

  • Relieving stress or panic attacks
  • Effective methods for finding clarity and peace
  • Gaining self confidence
  • Living happy, peaceful, productive lives
  • Learning ways to make testing easier

Breaking The Cycle

  • Recognizing triggering behaviors
  • Embracing self soothing and support
  • Building solid plans for action in difficult situations
  • Making healthy decisions
  • Creating support systems
  • Appreciating what works

Stress Free STAAR Testing for Central Texas and beyond.

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