Holiday Hubub

Every time I turn around I’m invited to shop and consume…. stuff.

“From decorations to unique gifts, find what you’re looking for this season…”

“Save time and money this holiday season with Microsoft Bing so you can focus on what really matters”


Uhhhhh…. OK, Microsoft.

It’s the same story… “Get the best gift, the most interesting gadget”… blah, blah, blah. All for what?

Shop, buy, consume until you can’t move around your house or your life. Do this to make others “happy” and large corporations a ton of money. (I’m joyfully looking forward to the days when no one supports Bill Gates.)

Do it, they say.

Be popular and interesting they say.


Be happy, I say.

Be at peace, I say.

Relax and let go of what others want you to do or who they want you to be.

Be YOU, I say.

Notice and release the energy that tells you to go, go, go if you don’t really FEEL like go, go, going.

But, if it jazzes you, go go go!

For me, traveling and accommodating everyone during the holidays was exhausting. I’ve learned over the years what I can do and what I won’t. It’s important we find, define and enforce those boundary’s for ourselves. People won’t do it for us.

Question… What if instead of running yourself ragged and consuming for the next month you lived life by your own rules, doing the things you know are important, to you.

Even if you decide to do something you’d rather not because, being with that person IS what’s important to you. See what I did there?

There are many ways to support everyone’s highest good, and moving the energy around everything allows those solutions to present themselves with more speed and ease.

New Gifts

What if, what you’re looking for this season is actually the Peace and Joy that so many advertisers say is at the end of your next purchase transaction. It’s not. Not true long term health and happiness.

Maybe it fills a hole for a short moment, to be followed next by that deep need for more.

But the more that we actually we need isn’t things.

It’s our health, our happiness, and the amount of joy we experience and share with others on a regular basis.

And if that’s the kind of more you’re looking for, I’ve got you covered.

What you receive from sessions with me is actual Peace and Joy.

Releasing ourselves from the ties that have bound us to old ideas, experiences and traumas, that shaped our early lives but that certainly no longer serve us, is freedom.

Once this old energy is shifted, life becomes infinitely more exciting and fun. Then we can enjoy the holidays in a way that is nourishing and love filled. We can buy local, handmade or consumable gifts from small businesses or make them ourselves, because we have the time.

From my own personal experience, when we stop doing all the shit we don’t want to do, it turns out we have more than enough time for the things that are actually important to us.

But, if this old school consumerism is your jam, enjoy! All experiences are relevant.

However, if you ARE over this bullshit consumer matrix hamster wheel of shopping for worth, let’s chat!

Everyone gets to have their own experience, so I’m here for all of you that want more real, authentic experiences, conversations and connections.

Peace and joy every day, not just during the “holidaze”. This is just a really good time to notice and begin making that change.

I’m here to soothe and support you through the transition of living for others, into the beautiful understanding that living for ourselves allows us to be so much better for those folks.

It’s easier than you think and I’m here to help.

I love you so much!

Crystal Nuding is a Consciousness Coach, ready to help you understand HOW you're creating your reality and teach you proven methods to living your very best and happiest life. It's easier than you think.

“Crystal exudes confidence and loving kindness. Her excitement in helping others be unabashedly themselves shines through and gives space to let go of internal blockages/ideas/rigidity/etc. There’s never been a better time to free yourself from limited beliefs and find out who YOU are. Crystal can help you get there and even better encourage you to walk fearlessly forward as the amazing YOU that you ARE!”

Leigh, Texas

Take More Naps

Happy Thursday folks and here’s your public service announcement for today and the rest of your life.

Take More Naps.

This boy knew how to nap.

This boy knew how to nap.

As the holidays speed toward us and we have so much on our plates, it’s important we take care of ourselves physically (and emotionally!) so we don’t get too stressed and overwhelmed by the whole process.

With travel, gifts, meals, parties and events to plan, prepare and coordinate this time of year is notorious for fraying nerves. Carving out time for yourself to rest and revitalize will help everything come together much more smoothly and efficiently.

When we’re asleep, we are completely relaxed. We enjoy relief from whatever troubles we’ve been dealing with. Our minds let go and allow the universe to continue showering us with blessings we might have been denying during our waking time by focusing on problems or how much we still have left to do.

Plan for yourself to take short power-naps or longer whenever you are able and just watch what happens. Before your nap and as you’re going to sleep at night, lightly set your intention to relax and release your worries of the day while gaining clarity on courses of action and setting yourself up for success.

Once you understand the importance of soothing and caring for yourself everything changes. Giving yourself the time to relax between meetings, tasks, parties and planning insures you are bringing the very best of you to each task.

Set of  4 Sessions – $350
Sessions usually done in a set of 3 gives you support and continuity.  We are habitual creatures and tend to revert back to the old way of reacting to life instead of creating it.
The extra session can be for you or for someone you love who needs it.

I am here to help. My holiday offer is available for the month of December. My days are filling with sessions so if you need help letting things be easy, get on board! Your life of ease and flow are within your reach.

Here’s to good rest and almost effortless holidays!

All My Love and Many Blessings,