Crystal Nuding

c o n s c i o u s n e s s c o a c h

I teach you to manage stress in a way that minimizes upset, drama & suffering
and maximizes potential, peace & ease.

Crystal Nuding, Consciousness Coach

I get to the root of your problems. Not a band-aid or temporary fix. What I offer is your complete and ultimate freedom.

This exciting information is actually physics. It works. You will be happier and create more health, money, joy, peace and ease in your life.

We live in a vibrational universe. We are vibration. Science has been proving and telling us more and more about it for around 100 years. The old Newtonian physics model of the world does not contain it all.

Things happen vibrationally first and physically second; not knowing or understanding this doesn’t make it not so. Everything ever created was first an idea in someones head before they gave it their focus, time and energy to create it. We’re creating constantly… things we like and don’t like.

We (humanity/society) have lived under the impression someone else was in control of our world for a long time… that is not the case. The observer affects his own reality. How you think and respond to situations in your life influence what happens next. I’m happier knowing I can move confidently in the direction of what I want.

My ideas and techniques are proven and effective. Each session is different. Everyone is different.

Let go of the old way of looking at the world:

  • life sucks and then you die
  • life is hard
  • that’s just the way it is, hon
  • you have to work hard and toil to be worthy and deserving
  • struggle is honorable
  • if it’s easy it’s not worth anything
  • the best of life is behind us

I share insights and teach you practical tools to put you in control of your own life and business.

I explain the role your emotions play in your life and teach you how to move through difficult situations with ease and grace.

  • Lashing out or losing your temper will be easily avoided.
  • Taking things personally, too seriously or getting your feelings hurt will be a thing of the past.

You will still have the emotions but you’ll understand how to allow yourself to feel and move through them, without getting torn up or freaked out.

If you are already aware of these concepts and are interested in my perspective, energy and support, excellent. But, if this is new to you, that is certainly no problem either. It’s easier than you might imagine. I find so much of the need for an explanation goes rather quickly once you experience what I’m talking about, then you know for yourself.

So what does a session look like?

  1. We talk on the phone(or Skype) for 45min-1hr.
  2. We first talk about what you want in your life and where you’re experiencing frustration.
  3. I teach you techniques to relax and release stress physically in your body (holding onto this energy is what makes you ill)
  4. I give you insights into why your negative thoughts aren’t true and how they don’t serve you. (consistent negative focus/thinking is what creates the things you don’t want)
  5. I explain why feeling bad is actually a blessing and teach you how to move through difficult situations with ease.
  6. I give you much better perspectives and teach you to soothe your busy mind when it gets going.
  7. My high vibration calls and trains your vibration upwards.

I’m also an empath and do energy healing, they are gifts that serve me well and make me excellent at what I do.

I am here to help.

I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re into this and into social media/promotion and want to do that for me in trade for coaching sessions, I really want to hear from YOU.

Email me through this handy form or


Sessions with Crystal – Allow yourself to live the life you are supposed to live.
Weekly Boosts – Get more out of your life.
Rave Calls – Get excited about what you want.
Be Soothed – Allow yourself the soothing you need.
Vision Holding – Relax and let it in.

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