Disengaging from the Great Motivator – Part 2

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe.

Fully awakening to this fact will serve you very well on your journey of Conscious Creation by releasing your mind from Fear. Which is why I’m working right now on a program that will teach you what it means, and how to, “Move Energy” or in other words, release tension and anxiety from your body. I realize how powerfully important this skill is and everyone is capable of doing it, I’m going to show you how. Stay tuned.

In the last post, I pointed out how fear has been used by many as a system of control and ask you to think about how this system presents in your own life. Do you do it? Or do you notice all the ways it’s being done to you?

Your physical body is the most advanced form of measurement of consciousness in the universe. Your intuition is the purest form of truth and information available to you and learning this language is easier than you think and more powerful than you can imagine.

The real and true science explains more precisely than ever before that the world is actually responding to us. We are, in fact (everything is), atoms vibrating, oscillating fields of energy… ultimately vibration.

Would you take a scalpel and cut vibration from vibration? Would you feed a pill to vibration? Or would you just raise the vibrational frequency to get a different result?

It seems pretty simple to me, but, it all depends on your level of consciousness. To what extent do you choose to participate in drama and struggle? First you will engage in that behavior and do, and then you just won’t, no matter what. That’s the process of evolving into a Conscious Creator and where ever you are on your journey is perfect. We all have to do what we have to do.

But, not understanding what has been proven over and over, or just not knowing about it because the powers that be prefer the old systems of control (FEAR), doesn’t make it not so. Gravity works whether you understand it or not. Same goes with energy and vibration.

The Scientific Method

The truth is the truth and facts are facts. The scientific method has been the same for a long time. Ask a question, do your research, form a hypothesis, test it with experiments (results must be able to be replicated by others), analyze the data and report the conclusions.

Science is about questioning and testing, and, questioning and testing, and, peer reviewed studies, by multiple peers and groups. So, if only one group can produce the results, that doesn’t hold up. But, if multiple people or teams have the same findings, we know this to be true.

IF a team is FUNDED by folks with a vested interest in a particular outcome, scrutinize those results and have another team NOT FUNDED by those interests also perform the exact experiments. This is truth and these are facts.

The Process of Conscious Creation

From the inner/understanding that “we live in a dynamic vibrational universe and our thoughts, attention, focus, and the physical sensations of our emotions (our divine instrument panel) are guiding us to and through our experiences and we have the free will to choose”…

What feels like it would be most helpful and would move us in the direction of what we want? Focusing on fear, separation, doom and gloom, which absolutely creates more of that. OR, recognizing that it’s all energy and it’s all moving. Free will allows us to make our own choice. Can you begin to notice when you choose fear in your arguments and reasoning? Noticing is the first part of the process.

When someone (from friend to journalist) is telling a story that triggers a negative reaction, what would be your most beneficial response? React or reflect? Are you trying to create a better world or more of the same?

Noticing we have been baited with fear (over the top or worst case scenarios), and moving through what comes up for us (mentally, emotionally and physically) around that fear, we can shift the whole scenario.

By not “buying in” you’re taking your power back and taking big steps in shifting the Collective Conscious from it’s knee jerk fear based reactions. And when that happens, the triggering situations will slow and eventually stop. Simple as that. It’s a learning curve, that just needs to be started. Join us! Let’s live in a fear free world.

On the other side of that, if you really are afraid of what you’re being told, move through what comes up around it (mentally, emotionally and physically), and you can shift the whole scenario. Perhaps a traumatic childhood (or later) memory or experience keeps you mulling over the past and reliving painful stories. But, knowing what you’ve learned here on my blog, you can soften and relax around anything to live joyfully free of fear and anxiety.

It’s a win win situation. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have more control over your physical reality that some folks WANT you to know.

You are the commander of your own vessel.
Others can only create in your reality to the extent you buy into or
are influenced by their opinions or demands. 

You can tell propaganda when it’s really shiny and wrapped up neatly by reporters being paid for their services. Don’t just take someone else’s word it. Dig deeper into what they are telling you. Are they supporting your feelings of fear or feelings of peace?

Fear and the promotion of fear is manipulation. Fear porn is an actual tactic, maybe you’ve seen any number of the films coming out of Hollyweird in the last 20 years? Don’t ask me, I stopped watching.

Awareness is Key.

I do my best to allow nature to be nature.

But, as I sit and enjoy being in my backyard and I watch the birds drinking, eating and hopping around, if I see my well fed and cared for neighbor’s cat lurking, ready to pounce on them, it would be pretty shitty of me to not sound an alarm.

On one hand, I could let nature take it’s course, but on the other hand if I have knowledge that can help people, then it would be my bad if I didn’t share that information. So, if you’re in a place to hear this, YAY for you. And ME!

Properly Dealing with Fear

Fear is information, just like the physical sensations you feel in your body. Information.

When we inner/understand this and begin seeing fear for what it is, we can make informed decisions about how to handle both the fear, and the perpetrators of that fear.

As a parent, if there is an emergency situation while you are with your children….
Do you freak out and tell them every negative scenario that could possibly happen?
Do you remind them constantly they are in danger?
Or do you, do your best to calm yourself and soothe them?
Will things run more smoothly if they are calm or upset?
Would there be any benefit at all to scaring or freaking out your own children? (I’ll let you think about parenting through fear on this question)

If you are a business owner or manager and there’s an emergency at work…
Do you immediately run around telling your employees that shit is hitting the fan and they should bend over and kiss their asses goodbye?
Would it be good for your business to make everyone afraid and nervous about what terrible thing could potentially happen?
Would there be any benefit at all to scaring the crap out of your employees?

As a parent, could you sit with your children and tell them everything is going to be alright? Could you hug them and breathe with them, and tell them that whatever happened, things will work out and we’ll all get through it?

As a business owner, could you tell your employees that “things happen”, but we keep moving forward. Could you calm fears and ease hearts and assure them that whatever was happening, we’ll get through it and be better for the knowledge we’ve gained through this adversity?

Which scenario do you think will bring better results? Which group is going to have a better experience and will have gained valuable insight into how to handle difficult situations the next time they arise? If you said the calm and soothed and supported group, you’re right. Duh.

No one makes great decisions while in fear. Add confusion on top of that and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

It’s easy to see which authority figures are truly interested
in your best good,
by how they approach you with “bad” information.

If people truly care about your highest good, they’ll say the situation may be serious, but they’ll also offer perspectives, information and solutions that are actually good for and supportive of you and your best health, and they won’t curtail any of your God given rights and freedoms. Wow, Thanks!!

How to Know if You’re Being Manipulated

If someone is scaring you, they are manipulating you. Period. Bottom line. End of Story.

Maybe they are unaware of this fact and are scared of something, and mistakenly think that if you’re afraid, you’ll be safe too. Bless them. This is NOT how to keep people safe.

But, what if someone were consciously misleading you to keep you wrapped in fear and anxiety, which actually really just diminishes your ability to discern and weakens your immune system?

Could that happen? Who would do such a thing? What would be the benefit of misleading large groups of people through fear and trauma based programming?

If you know you’re creating your reality, you know that acting out of fear only creates more to be afraid of. Action taken from a vibration yields more of that vibration. So, take a moment to calm your body and mind to come to a place of greater clarity on the situation.

Fear creates more fear. Peace creates more peace. Decide what you want to experience more of and begin moving in that direction. Support is always available to those that want it.

Here’s to doing our part to truly support ourselves and our world in moving quickly through this tired, old, boring chapter of Fear and The Friends it Brings Along…. MORE FEAR.

Yes, Please and Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Disengaging from the Great Motivator – Part 2

  1. Thank you Crystal. This should be read by everyone on the planet though I guess not everyone understands or wants to understand. I am creating a life of peace and love. ❤️

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