Nice and Easy

When you realize that you’re actually involved with the creation of your own reality, you begin to see things in a much different way. You appreciate the synchronicities that add fun and playfulness to what can otherwise be boring and repetitive life activities.

I’ve been telling folks for a while now that life is supposed to be fun and easy. There’s plenty of “work” to be done but it doesn’t have to be miserable drudge work. We should all be playing to our own strengths and doing things that are fun and easy for us while making a living doing it. Not struggling to make it through a day of work that doesn’t remotely fulfill us and sucks every bit of life energy we have out of us. Bless all the hearts that do that. I was one, more that once, for longer that I cared to. BUT. It’s all good information. When we learn from our own life experiences what works and doesn’t work for us we can begin making the changes that will provide the biggest, easiest and most beneficial shifts in our feelings, emotions and actual physical situations.

When I turned on my music station, while setting our space for coffee and morning chats, a song by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong came on, They All Laughed. It’s about being ok going for the thing you want because the most successful and prominent inventors and change makers were laughed at. People that have shifted consciousness and the way things happened in the world were ridiculed and laughed at because other’s were unable to share their vision. But, who actually got the last laugh?

So while I was laughing, singing and dancing around enjoying my very clear cue from the Divine, another one came along. The song directly after that one was Nice ‘n’ Easy by Frank Sinatra. Hell yes, people! You can’t make this stuff up. Nice and easy does it every time. It’s so true!! Yes, please and thank you.

I realized a while ago that it’s vitally important for me to succeed in my nice and easy way, because IF NOT ME, WHO?

Who else is telling you it’s ok to relax?

Who else is telling you “don’t do what I want you to do, but what YOU want to do”?

Who’s telling you to listen to your own heart above anything else and tune into your own intuition?

If you have people surrounding you telling you these things, congratulations!! You’re ahead of the curve. You’re creating a reality that supports you fully and completely.

But if you still live in a reality where anyone (parents, children, boss, spouse…) have very specific rules YOU need to follow to make THEM happy, you’re most certainly not alone.

It’s really ok to find yourself here, because NOW you can find your way out. Beginning to realize and raising your level of conscious awareness around what you’re “actually” doing is the key first step to any journey.

I’m here to support you on that journey!! I’m on it myself. It’s what we’re here to do… support each other on our journeys. I’m currently working on a book and podcast for your absolute support and my heart bursting need to share this loving, soothing, calming, nice and easy information. So, if you’re into what I’m sharing and have an interest in trading your applicable skills for sessions, I’m all ears! Reach out and let’s chat!

Let’s let it be Nice ‘n’ Easy, shall we?

Moving Through the Don’t Wants

So often, the first thoughts that come to mind when we learn new information that might be contrary to our immediate desires is… I don’t want THAT!

I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want to have to DO that, I don’t want it to be hard/sad/ upsetting. I DON”T WANT THAT!

Ahhhh. Bless our very human hearts. Welcome to humanity.

But, not to worry!

Can you begin to notice when your thoughts start with “don’t want”?

Can you begin to relax and breathe around “not wanting” something specific to happen?

Can you stop, breathe and feel where you feel that particular “don’t want” in your body?

Noticing the direction of these thoughts, softening around the physical sensations in the body and breathing slowly and deeply will help you move through the energy behind the “don’t wants”.

What are the “don’t want’s” anyway? Truths? No. Warnings? No. Good information? YES!

How about indicators of energy surrounding an old circumstance or situation that keeps you repeating the same old patterns that feel like this. Old, outdated, worn out, played out, exhausting, ridiculous, tired ideas born in childhood or early life (or anytime!). Picked up from our being in the situation we were in, having the experience we were having and not knowing the bad feeling was an indicator of our perspective.

Perhaps we saw something upsetting happen and instead of being of the perspective that it was a bad and unfortunate thing that I don’t have to experience, I took it as a pathway of things I would eventually have to experience.

Armed with this new knowledge, move as quickly as possible through the physical sensation of the “don’t want” and be ever so sweet and kind to yourself. Often we were told to suck it up and quit crying. This was good for helping “someone” to not feel bad, but not so great for the one stuffing down the emotion; to then have to feel over and over again through their lives until they find out how to let it go and move on.

But! LEARN you WILL and MOVE ON you SHALL!

It’s all energy and it’s all moving. We are Vibrational Beings living in a Vibrational Universe. Relax into what that truly means. Relax into allowing yourself to have the life you truly want. You can allow the life that would make you so happy and set you on fire with creativity and excitement.

What do you want?

Let the answer to this one be about the way you want to feel. Let’s stop projecting negatively into our future and shooting our own selves in the foot. Let’s think about the most productive way to get ourselves to where we want to be.

How do you want to feel?

How you want to feel is what you’re always going for. So, skip what you think you need to make you feel that way and just focus on feeling that way. Happy, healthy, joyful, abundant, prosperous, peaceful, easy, creative, excited, successful. Write these things down and think about how it feels to feel this way. Spend more time thinking about this than thinking about anything you “don’t want”.

Because when you know that what you focus only creates more of that, you’re more selective in what you focus on. And when you’ve moved through the energy of the “don’t want’s” it’s a heck of a lot easier to do that.

Here’s to feeling it all and letting it move.

I love you dearly and support you fully.