Be Your Own Valentine

Be Your Own Valentine!

Be Your Own Valentine!

This time of year, whether coupled or not, many find ourselves longing. Society, media and big business have a lot riding on your not feeling happy and complete. If you’re constantly longing, you’re constantly buying. The next biggest thing… new car, new clothes to keep up with the latest fashion, whatever it takes to feel better.

Many folks spend this time of year wishing for someone to love and adore them, even when they may already have someone who does.

We all want someone who will understand us, treat us with kindness, compassion and always appreciate our eccentricities.

Though we think we want it from other people, who we really need it from is much closer. The single most important relationship we will have in our entire lives is with ourselves.

Your true and perfect partner is you. The way you treat yourself in the quiet of your own mind will be directly reflected in your outer life and circumstances.

Too many of us spend our lives waiting for that perfect someone to soothe us and care for us in the way we want and need to be cared for. But, actually giving ourselves what we need is the quickest way to create it in our outer life reality.

No matter your past or how your life has been up until this point, things can change and you can have what you want.

When you find yourself feeling vulnerable, soothe yourself. Allow yourself to be reminded that we are all fragile human beings that spend way too much time in our heads and not enough time in our hearts (bodies).

Take yourself out to dinner. Run yourself a bubble bath and get yourself your own favorite treat. Spend time physically soothing and pampering yourself.

Do this for yourself. Be kind and compassionate in your mind when you need support and the universe will respond accordingly. If you are critical of yourself and others, you will find the world to be a very critical place. Begin finding beauty in everyone and everything you see and that too will be reflected in your world.

Taking the time to appreciate what you currently have while daydreaming about what you want and visualizing things that please you will yield profound results.

Rather than chocolate or flowers this Valentine’s day, give yourself the gift that will change your life. Be your own best friend. If you need help get it. Let life be easy. Learn to support and uplift yourself and you will be amazed at what happens in your world. I’m here to help.

17 thoughts on “Be Your Own Valentine

  1. I just Love this Crystal!! Wonderful advice. I am not sad at all about being single this VD! I have a nice day planned with myself and my 2 chihuahuas! Much Love.


  2. aLLo CRYSTaL! Thanks for the reminders! I had to GRiN again as I thought of the interactions I had with two young artist fellow artist friends… two guys full of heart telling me they think this 50-something chica is ‘adorable”… I adore them back. Love ripples!


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  4. Hey Crystal!

    That was a wonderful and important post especially around this time of February. 😉

    I clicked through a few more posts and found your live stream videos with Roxanne and was searching for your channel.

    You look and sound so wonderful on videos that you should be doing them….. great way to get new peeps and fans to feel, like, know and trust you… 😉

    I’m marketing a powerful internet video system that healers and coaches can use to vamp up their video presence and use the power of video to run their own internet conferences and provide classes etc…

    I’ve set up a draft page that you can get info from a few videos… just scroll down and watch the ones that call to you.

    I’d recommend you not only use the system of video tools (broadcast will be able to reach 1,000 at a time, conference up to 50 + thousands of video emails) to build your coaching and healing business.

    Of course if you like it and share it with your fellow healers, coaches, teachers, you’ll also earn both front-end and residual additional income too…

    I’ll be happy to answer questions and guide you through it all… I’m ‘revangela’ on skype… that’s the easiest/fastes way to get to me, Crystal.

    Hugzzz and can’t wait to see you more on videos… wonderful energy and great way to spread your healing far and wide around the globe. 😉


    On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 3:44 PM, Crystal Nuding wrote:

    > ** > Crystal Nuding posted: ” Be Your Own Valentine! This time > of year, whether coupled or not, many find ourselves longing. Society, > media and big business have a lot riding on your not feeling happy and > compl”


  5. Wow,….what a wonderful thought Crystal…loved reading this..:)
    I too wrote on V-Day & is collecting opinions of what people think of this day… Your thoughts are really unique & special and it would be great if u can leave a summary of this on my V-Day blog comments as well 🙂


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