Taming The Voices Webcast

After a hiccup in the beginning, Roxanne and I got connected.

Here’s the video…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out Roxanne at her site: http://inthetransition.com/

Follow her on Twitter – @divinerox

Taming The Voices In Your Head with Roxanne Darling – Part 1

8 thoughts on “Taming The Voices Webcast

  1. I’m sure you’ve received much feedback from your video already so I’ll keep it short. Thank you for being you! On a very dark day for me you have brought much needed light.


  2. Thank you Crystal! I loved having you on the webcast and hope we can do more. I also appreciate you helping us debug this – lots of tech coming and going! And I wanted to share this from my email:
    “Just wanted to say I enjoyed watching your recorded webcast today as well as the fantastic 10 minute recorded session with your guest. Having it recorded makes life easier, so thanks for making it available for later… Can’t wait until we get some nuggets of information from Crystal Nuding too – you folks were just getting started with the hellos!”


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