Rave Calls

If you crave community and time spent in positive uplifting energy this is a great opportunity for you. These soothing and raving calls are NOT for counseling. Get individual sessions if you need them.  Callers are encouraged to send a short note with a topic they might need soothing on or something fantastic they want to RAVE about.  Spend time in this energy and allow your vibration to rise and meet it.

The Rave Calls will soothe you and help you soften and relax into your happy life.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience all you can do in your life. A little help goes a long way.

RAVE Call – $35
15-20 minutes

Set of 3 Sessions – $350
Sessions done in a set of 3 gives you support and continuity.  We are habitual creatures and tend to revert back to what we’ve been doing.  3 sessions is great support.

Single Session – $120
This can be a follow up or or just a little support when you need it.

Send your short note to Crystal@CrystalNuding.com

Dearest Crystal,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  I was flying really high before the call and  yet somehow now I am flying higher! :)  I feel an even deeper sense of knowing and ease and spaciousness. ahhhhhh. so good.  It was fabulous to hear your voice and I can’t wait to see how the money will show up for next weeks call.  Bless you for coming up with such a wonderful way to uplift others!
Much Love,
P.S. two hours later I had the money for next weeks call. That was easy! :)

 Sessions with Crystal – Allow yourself to live the life you are supposed to live.
Weekly Boosts – Get more out of your life.
Be Soothed – Allow yourself the soothing you need.
Vision Holding – Relax and let it in.

 Email Crystal@CrystalNuding.com or call 512.665.4414

Contact me to schedule a free 15 min. initial phone/Skype consultation.

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